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Thread: "Stand Your Ground" Laws Sweep Across The Nation

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    Story From The AP Wire

    A campaign by gun rights advocates to make it easier to use deadly force in self-defense is rapidly winning support across the country, as state after state makes it legal for people who feel their lives are in danger to defend themselves - whether in a car-jacking or just on the street.

    Ten states so far this year have passed a version of the law, after Florida was the first last year. It's already being considered in Arizona in the case of a deadly shooting on a hiking trail.

    The measures broaden self-defense by removing the requirement in most states that a person who is attacked has a "duty to retreat" before turning to deadly force. Many of the laws specify that people can use deadly force if they believe they are in danger in any place they have a legal right to be - a parking lot, a street, a bar, a church. They also give immunity from criminal charges and civil liability.

    The campaign is simply about self-defense, said Oklahoma state Rep. Kevin Calvey, a Republican and author of the law in his state. "Law-abiding citizens aren't going to take it anymore," he said.

    "It's going to give the crooks second thoughts about carjackings and things like that. They're going to get a face full of lead," Calvey said. He introduced the bill at the request of the local National Rifle Association, and it passed with overwhelmingly support: The state House agreed 83-4, the Senate 39-5.

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    It's about time we begin to acknowledge one of the original laws of nature: the right to absolutely protect ourselves if we believe we are "in fear of our life".
    No longer do we have to cower in our own homes (meaning that at least some states require you to retreat).
    Liberals always side with criminals and this will slow down their anti-self defense attitudes at least a bit.
    The word to the criminals will get out and we should see at least a small decrease in crime in some states. It worked with CCW laws.
    The Stand Your Ground law tells me law enforcement, most politicians and the justice system at least are having faith in law abiding citizens to do the right thing.
    It's about time.

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