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Thread: Anything from Kitsap County?

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    I will be moving to Kitsap County this August from Utah. Having been in Utah, I have become very accustomed to open carrying frequently and am not too fond of the idea of losing that right to do.

    So, I am wondering if anyone has had any experiences up in Kitsap County or knows anything about the open carry waters up there.

    And while I am asking, how about OC on public transportation (buses, ferries, etc).

    "The very atmosphere of firearms anywhere and everywhere restrains evil interference - they deserve a place of honor with all that's good" - George Washington
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    As always, insert standard IANAL disclaimer here.

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    Welcome. As a public transit user myself I have to be keenly aware of the issues involving carry on a bus. Under state law, you must have a Washington State CPL or a legally recognized permit under RCW 9.41.073 to be able to carry a loaded pistol in ANY vehicle, that includes public transit buses and light rail trains, and I presume the ferry boats too.

    Though I have had contact with Pierce Transit, Everett Transit, Community Transit, and Sound Transit on the issue, I have not had contact with Kitsap Transit thus far on this issue. Nor have I had contact with the Bremerton and Kitsap authorities.

    Kitsap Transit Code of Conduct

    They follow state law. That does not mean neccesarily that a driver will not know these rules, or think that open carry is flat out illegal (I won't even get into the discussion over RCW 9.41.270 right now).

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