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Thread: Invited to plug my Blog

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    I had been aware of this site for some time but had never posted. The other day I made the previous post to this one, about open carry in Lincoln, Nebraska.

    One of the posters jpierce graciously welcomed me to the site and I thank you for that. jpierce also invited me to plug my blog here as well.

    Since he has the title of Administrator after his monniker I will most certainly oblige.

    From the Heartland will be two years old at the end of July and it has been a worthwile project that I try to post to at least once a week. I used to post everyday but that gets old after awhile and one can only write so much original material that frequently.

    I have noted so many blogs seem to recycle what everyone else is saying with all of the appropriate links. I don't have a problem with that, but I have tried to keep my posts my own original material, but I do link to other blogs when it is pertinate to what I want to say.

    Not everything I write about is firearms related. Here is what I have posted in the content box in the upper right corner;

    This is my Soap box, I express my often politically incorrect opinions about firearms and other Nebraska related topics on these pages.

    I appreciate the opportunity to plug my work and if anyone has any questions about the state of things firearm in the Cornhusker State I will try to give the best response.

    Thanks again


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    Excellent! I will say, I read one article and it was an original angle than anything I have seen previously. good job.
    "The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants." - Thomas Jefferson

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    Great blog!

    Anytime you want to post a link to an article here, you are most welcome. We have a lot of Virginia and Tennessee members, but the heartland contingent is growing Having someone who is plugged into the political and legal landscape in Nebraska is a great resource.

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