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Recent content by AK47hero

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    boise fairgrounds carry

    we can carry being owned by the state right? I asked last year and they told me they were looking for bootleggers, controlled substances and illegal carry.
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    My SKS needs work

    bought a Yugo sks and getting soft primer strikes fire fire misfire. looking for a gunsmith in Nampa at a fair price and good work.
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    missing family of five "lets organize"

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    Open Carry Encounters Today OMG 2 peope

    Seen a cute blonde with two kids and a pink Taurus come into my store today. few hours later a guy came around with a sharp looking 1911. didn't have time to talk to either but thumbs up to both people FOB Mexican dude looked at her with the OMG face and said something in Spanish to his buddy...
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    Freaked Customer

    I'm stocking shelves and notice a guy packing a revolver, not a big deal and continue with my work. about two minutes later a panicked customer comes to me and says "that guy over there has a gun"! I reply in a very courteous way "this is Idaho and everyone has a gun, it's legal in this state to...
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    Mike Crapo and Obama dinner in the last 36 hours

    they sat together with number of other 2A supporters and discussed gun control over a fine meal. YOU need to contact Crapo and let him know that our state will NOT bend on the 2A. you can email Crapo through the nra or my last post with link. 10 minutes of your time, im not asking much.
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    Email from Raul labrador AWB

    Thank you for taking a proactive role in Idaho’s well-being by voicing your thoughts and concerns. I want to take a moment to update you on the current discussion surrounding gun control and the ban of certain weapons and ammunition. On January 16, 2013 President Obama signed 23 executive...
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    CONTACT YOUR REPS (NRA ILA LINK) took me less than 10 minutes

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    Planned Parenthood

    Why do they need a tiny gun free sign outside when they have bullet proof glass inside? The sign should keep all nutjobs with firearms out and the glass must be impossible to hop over, it's only 8ft tall and doesn't connect to the ceiling.
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    Panic buying

    how do the shelves look around town?
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    another two OCers two days in a row at nampa winco

    I LIKE IT! kel tec pf9 and a russian surplus something or other.
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    Can i CC at work even though I signed a contract ?

    I know I could be fired but can any legal actions be taken against me? looked for the laws regarding this but couldn't find any.
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    CWL national reciprocity

    Hope it passes Rep. Ted Poe National Right-to-carry Reciprocity http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GTYsITTw3qA check out NRAvideos channel on youtube
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    great clips nampa is not gun friendly.

    used an iwb with a virginia tuck and she noticed when i stood up after the cut. gave me a smart@ss remark so i nicely informed her open and concealed is legal in this state. "well next time you come in just leave it in the car" "gangsters would love to have a shootout with you". hesitated before...
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    5.45 AR mag alternative

    cproducts are almost impossible to find for less than 30$ on ripoff.coms. anyone know where i can find something that runs equivalently to the CP mags. GI mags, anti-tilt followers anything?