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Recent content by Mike Hawk

  1. Mike Hawk

    FYI: Gun "Buybacks" coming to LA area again May 7TH

    The citizen disarmament festivals commonly known as "Gun Buybacks" are coming to the LA area again, at 6 locations around the city. For those not familiar, these are events where usually LAPD or Sheriffs will set up stations throughout the city, and encourage people to come in and surrender...
  2. Mike Hawk

    LAPD Still Hasn't Learned.

    It seems the LAPD hasn't learned a FN thing about interacting with lawful carriers of firearms. This fact was reinforced to me today when Mrs. Hunt and I were at a favorite local restaurant having some post-church grub. They showed up just about the time our food was ready (figures) and of...
  3. Mike Hawk

    2000inth POST!!!!

    In honor of your service...
  4. Mike Hawk

    refusing E check, post mcdonald

    Here's an example of a clear violation. After reading it, it seems as if the officer only has to determine that the nipples are not capped, correct?
  5. Mike Hawk

    John Pierce and Paul Helmke on radio today.

    imported post http://www.kcrw.com/news/programs/tp/tp100311whats_happening_to_g Caught part of the interview at lunchtime today. Interesting stuff. Oh BTW at one point the host goes into a newsbreak saying: "More on these 'gun-toting latte-sippers' in a moment....." I laughed so hard I almost...
  6. Mike Hawk

    False Arrest by the LAPD

    imported post New year's day had been so far rather uneventful for myself and my wife. We slept in pretty late and didn't do much until later in the day. We'd been up late attending Travis Pastrana's world record jump, and then fishing. So when the afternoon neared a close, we headed out. She...
  7. Mike Hawk

    Loaded on a boat.

    imported post O.K. I think this is a goodtopic for kicking around here. I have a boat which has a cuddy for sleeping. When I am out there, this is quite practically my "place of residence", much in the same manner that an R.V. would be considered as such. I often stay out for days at a time. So...