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Recent content by WCrawford

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    Lenord Embody's criminal case dismissed

    “What value are enumerated rights if I am punished for exercising them?” he said. http://www.tennessean.com/story/news/crime/2014/08/27/case-dismissed-gun-rights-advocate/14712313/
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    MDA Copyright Infringment??

    I was reading a Dallas Morning News article on OCT and ran across this interesting paragraph. "Moms Demand Action has happily circulated many of these photographs, which it lifts from the Facebook pages of Open Carry members. “When you see pictures of what it looks like, it points out how...
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    Gun buyback 6/8/13 in nashville

    I just heard about this on the local news. It will be held on Saturday the 6th from 8am to 12pm at St Luke Primitive Baptist Church. Here is the church website. http://stlukepbchurch.com/site/cs/Index.asp Though I can not find anything about this on the News Channel 5 site???
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    New gun for wife

    My wife wants a .357 revolver. What are some brands and models that she should try out? Sent from my M865 using Tapatalk 2
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    Visiting Clumbus, GA

    I'm currently in the Columbus, GA/Ft. Benning area for a bit more than a week. If there are any OC get togethers, I'd love to attend. :P
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    Inncorect Graphic sourced to OCDO

    The Tulsa World article "Open-carry bill advances; measure could allow firearms carried openly without permit" attributes their map graphic to OCDO. The problem is the map has many errors. Example, the map shows Kentucky as needing a license to openly carry, while Tennessee allows open carry...
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    Indiana Open Carry Study??

    In a recent news article about the planned Starbucks boycott, there was this quote: http://www.theepochtimes.com/n2/united-states/victims-group-to-boycott-starbucks-over-firearms-186110.html I went searching for this study and could absolutely nothing. Anyone know about this "study"?
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    Visiting AL/GA State Line

    I'm going to be spending a few days in Georgia, but the city is on the state line with Alabama (I'm brushing up on the laws for both states) and I was wondering if there were any "gotcha" laws I need to be particularly aware of. I have a TN HCP. Thanks in advance.
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    Short GA Visit

    I'm currently looking over Georgia carry laws, but I'm curious if there are any "gotcha" type laws that a Tennessean (with HCP) should be aware of? I'll be visiting for a few days next week.
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    OC During CMA Music Fest (aka Fan Fair)

    I was curious to know if anyone will be OCing in downtown Nashville during the CMA music fest?
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    Police Detainment for Non-Crimes

    Several months back (during late summer), I was open carrying my firearm, as I normally do. I had the day off work and I was running a number of errands for myself and girlfriend. I had dropped my girlfriend off at the Matthew Walker clinic, in Nashville, and I went to the Davidson County...
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    Talking with Police Investigator after a Complaint

    I had an incident a couple weeks ago (I'll go into details after I weigh all my options) and, as a result, I filed a complaint with MNPD. I was contacted my the officer investigating the complaint yesterday, who wants to set up a meeting to discuss my complaint. Should I obtain legal...
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    OC Gathering?

    imported post Since it is getting nice again, I'd like to get another OC gathering in the Nashville area. My schedule (and more open) has changed since the last time we had a gathering (was that over a year ago, now?) at the Shoney's near the Titan's Colosseum. I have a couple ideas, and...
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    Idiot Letter to Editor in Tennessean

    imported post I read another stupid letter to the editor in the Tennessean (Jan 6, 2010) today. Here is the text (as the link won't last too long). And my (as of this writing) unpublished response:
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    Ammo Questions

    imported post I know that .357 revolvers can fire .38 ammo, and I was curious if other firearms had some similar crossovers, especially auto-loaders. Could a 10MM auto chamber, fire, and rechamber a .40 reliably? Could a .22LR auto use .22 short? Could a .357 Sig auto use .38 ammo?