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  1. sultan62

    Good NC Forum

    There's an NC-specific forum that I'm a member of that I think members here may be interested in. - Open Carry is accepted there. Not all members OC, but some do, and I have yet to encounter any real negativity towards it. - No heavy handed moderation has taken place. I have had a single post...
  2. sultan62

    Credit Card ID Requirement

    Tonight, I went to do some grocery shopping for my Mom. When I tried to use her credit card to make the purchase at Walmart, I was asked to show ID. I refused, stating that according to Visa, they could not require ID. I was told it was store policy to do so. I then spoke with a Customer...
  3. sultan62

    Help - XD45 won't manually feed

    I posted this on xdtalk, but thought I'd also post it here since several members are very knowledgeable... I've put at least 1200 rounds through my XD45, though I haven't kept track. Only FTF/FTEs I ever had were with reloads, I quit using those and have had no problems whatsoever. Recently...
  4. sultan62

    Should North Carolina be a Gold Star Open Carry state?

    My personal opinion is that it should be downgraded to "Open Carry Friendly" for several reasons: 1. Lack of real preemption. 2. No carry in restaurants which serve alcohol. 3. No carry on school property, including in your vehicle. 4. No carry in places that charge admission. 5. No carry in...
  5. sultan62

    Asheville/Western NC OC Meetup

    I'd like to do an OC dinner or something sometime in or around Asheville. Would anyone be interested in that?
  6. sultan62

    Forum going offline?

    Has the forum been going offline as of late, or is it just something funky going on on my end? I've had OCDO fail to open numerous times recently with no problems with other websites, including non-forum opencarry.org.
  7. sultan62

    .22 Bolt Action Rifle

    So after shooting a bolt action .22 the other day, I think I'm gonna get one. It's a ton of fun, and I can actually afford to shoot it as much as I want, unlike my .270. I want it to be reasonably accurate, but I'm not looking for match quality here. I'm looking to get it pretty cheap, and...
  8. sultan62

    CC gun

    I'm not going to be able to do this too soon, but I'd like to go ahead and figure out a couple of good options, so I can keep my eyes open, find a range to rent them, etc. I would like to get a CC weapon so that I can conceal with ease when I want/need to. I'd rather not get a .380, so I'm...
  9. sultan62

    Is this idea good or terrible?

    A few buddies and I are considering doing some ballistics testing. And we've all seen the water jug/wet newspaper/ballistics gel tests out there, right? So we're thinking about buying a pig, testing the rounds, and then having a good meal after with several friends. So, is this a good idea...
  10. sultan62

    Defensive Shooting Question

    One defensive drill I practice is, at short range, drawing (from OC hip holster) and firing immediately from the hip, then bringing up the gun for a double tap while backing away from the target/threat. Here's my question: when shooting from the hip, where on the body should one aim? My normal...
  11. sultan62

    Basic Legal Questions

    See Comment Below
  12. sultan62

    Carry on NC Public Property

    This thread was created after some light debate regarding carry in ABC stores, whether or not public property can legally be posted against carry, etc. in the thread OC experience reports. In this post, I'll be detailing information I've found regarding OC on public property. There will be...
  13. sultan62

    "NC Open Carry Petition"

    As I was surfing the internet for OC-related info the other day, I came across something interesting: a petition to legalize OC in NC. http://www.petitiononline.com/ncoc/petition.html As of this post, it has 70 signatures - I do not know how long it has been up. However, when I found it, I...
  14. sultan62

    Apartment Rule I didn't see in the contract.

    So somehow, when signing my apartment lease I managed to miss the following rule: I found this out when I returned former residents' mail to the property manager (PM), and was OCing while talking to her. Two other people were in the office, one of whom held a CHP and asked me what I was...
  15. sultan62

    VA Visit

    My dad is traveling to Virginia for about a week with a church group. After I talked to him, he has decided that it would be best to take his gun, leaving it in his vehicle, rather than not taking it as he was intending to. Now I'm trying to find out the best way he can do this. I've done a...
  16. sultan62

    Raleigh: Guitar Center over Sam Ash

    If you can get what you want at Guitar Center instead of Sam Ash, do it. I was just going in for guitar strings the other day, and as usual, played some guitars while I was in there. After spending an hour or so in Guitar Center, getting ready to leave, an employee asked me about OC, saying he...
  17. sultan62

    Holster for XD 45 (Safariland/Serpa)

    I'm getting a holster for my XD 45 4", and have all but decided on the Safariland 6378. I've just got a couple of questions. 1. Does the release system interfere with the safety? 2. Is the safety inside or outside the holster? 3. Is there any reason either the Safariland or the Serpa is...
  18. sultan62

    New to OC, all advice appreciated.

    I'm new to OC, or any regular carry for that matter. I'm looking for any advice on the matter. First, a little background, and some of what (I think) I understand. I grew up hunting, shooting, etc. I have put several hundred rounds through my .45 (my carry weapon) and know what I'm doing when...