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    Coming to Wichita

    I know wichita has changed there laws to allow loaded OC. I was wondering if anybody had any problems while OC since the change in the law or if theres any places i cant OC according to municipal law? I did read where someone was arrested for OC after the change in law and not sure whether i...
  2. M

    Fort Sill Federal Credit Union

    I e-mailed them in regard to there no firearms policy a few weeks ago this is the reply i got I would like to thank you for taking the time to provide us with your input. We consider our members input very valuable. As a federal credit union, according to current state law, concealed or...
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    Question about sb 1733

    According to sb 1733 it defines a unconcealed handgun as a handgun carried in a belt holster, shoulder holster, scabbard or case that is wholly or partially visible. What exactly falls under the category of a scabbard for a handgun? I have only heard of scabbards for rifles and shotguns.
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    Oklahoma Second Amendment Association

    This group supports the open carry law we are trying to get passed here in oklahoma. Here is a link: www.ok2a.org I have attended a meeting last month and going to attend another meeting this thursday in okc at the H&H gun range at 6:30p.m. Anybody interested is welcome to attend. There will...
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    Open carry Derby,KS

    imported post Has anybody open carried in Derby?
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    Open Carry Joplin

    imported post Me and a friend will be making a trip to joplinsometime within the next month and was wondering if anyone would share there experience open carrying there and is there anything i should be aware of. Me and my friend do have a ccw from oklahoma.