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  1. DrMark

    Texas House Speaker declares 'constitutional carry' dead after activist shows up at his home

    Texas House Speaker Dennis Bonnen declared Friday that a “constitutional carry” gun bill was dead after a gun rights activist showed up at his Houston-area home to advocate for it...
  2. DrMark

    York County Gun Meeting - Mon, 12 Mar 2018

    From a online community bulletin board: York Poquoson Democratic Committee Next Meeting--7 p.m. Monday, March 12 York High School Library Topic: Gun myths, the 2nd Amendment and Virginia legislation Guest Speaker: Andy Goddard, President of the Richmond Chapter of the Million Mom March...
  3. DrMark

    River City Diner (Richmond) breakfast Sat. 4/20

    Just wondering... I may be in the area this Saturday morning.
  4. DrMark

    The NRA speech, Virginia, and the VCDL

    In my estimation, the NRA's approach present in their recent speech is an intelligent one. Remember how politics works... Compromise and negotiation may sound like dirty words, but they always take place before a bill becomes law. The genius of the approach the NRA has taken lies, in part, in...
  5. DrMark

    Cops respond to OC with long guns

  6. DrMark

    Laundomat OC Police Encounter

  7. DrMark

    10 days in jail for legal open carry?

    Story is here: http://www.ar15.com/forums/t_5_10/126592_Arrested_for_legally_open_carry_in_Iowa__Please_help.html
  8. DrMark

    "Man with Shotgun at Daly City Mall was 'Open Carry' Supporter"

    More at link... http://www.nbcbayarea.com/news/local/Man-with-Shotgun-at-Daly-City-Mall-was-Open-Carry-Supporter-136545603.html
  9. DrMark

    Site trying to download files to my computer

    Every time I load a new page here, I get a beep and a message that Internet Explorer has blocked this site from downloading files to my computer. Any idea what opencarry.org is trying to download to my computer? (Internet Explorer 8, BTW)
  10. DrMark

    Armed man arrested at NC airport as Obama departs

    imported post The story doesn't specify OC, but since folks knew he had a gun...? [size=2][font=Arial] http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/36771668 Any of our North Carolina folks know any more about this?
  11. DrMark

    Anyone Familiar with this OC Incident?

    imported post From http://www.ar15.com/forums/topic.html?b=8&f=24&t=393318 I don't know where "spotsy" is, but some of the comments/context led me to believe this may have happened in NoVA. Anyone here heard of this incident?
  12. DrMark

    Interesting Recorder Option

    imported post Don't know if this has been posted before... http://www.botachtactical.com/lawcampd80.html AEE Law Cam PD80 HD Mini DV Camera This mini camera enables policeman, soldiers and public safety professionals to record the whole process when they are in action, so that they can...
  13. DrMark

    No Guns Allowed in Buffalo Wild Wings

    imported post As we know, Buffalo Wild Wings bans guns in their restaurants. Here's a picture from the Newport News Store: Anyway, four police officers visited the Newport News location recently. Here's what one of them posted on arfcom: Link...
  14. DrMark

    Missing thread?

    imported post I was out of town for a few days. There was a "Brother got arrested, guns drawn" thread, and I cannot find it now. Why can't I find the thread? Thanks.
  15. DrMark

    York County Legislative Alert

    imported post From VCDL.... ************************************************** URGENT York County Action Item ************************************************** It is getting harder and harder for a law-abiding gun-owner to be able to shoot a firearm because of restrictions created by...
  16. DrMark

    Informing of CHP during traffic stop

    imported post Is there state code addressing informing an officer of your CHP during a traffic stop, and if so, what is it? I repeatedly hear that there's no requirement to inform, but is that because a requirement to inform is not in the code, or because the code specifically mentions that...
  17. DrMark

    open/conceled carry

    imported post I just saw a man at McDonald's with the butt of a Glock sticking out of his pants pocket. At times, the tail of his untucked shirt covered it from view, but usually not. Have any of you run into problems with carry that skirts the line between open and concealed? Or perhaps when...