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  1. pawn99


    After my long and dreadful wait...county gun board had there meeting the 13th on regards to my cpl..and i got approved and it came in the mail today on the 15th!
  2. pawn99

    MOC Shirts

    I'd like to purchase a moc shirt. And i went on our home page to order a medium but there sold. Then i tried a large an that is also sold. Anything bigger is a lil big for me haha. Know when i could purchase one?
  3. pawn99

    The dreadful wait..

    I just left the courthouse and filed my cpl! And i also just got my prints done at my local sheriff dept! My county gun bored meets on the 13th of this month. So im hoping it doesn't take long until i finally get it in the mail. But the wait has already set in haha
  4. pawn99

    cpl badge

    A good friend of mine just recently got a cpl badge for when he carrys like this one His thing is if he gets in a defensive situation and when LEOs respond they see his badge that indicates he's a cpl holder so he don't get drawn on or shot. And also he feels as if people will leave him be...
  5. pawn99

    Pistol registration?

    I bought a GLOCK 23 from a friend. I dont have a cpl yet. I turn 21 june 25th. I took my cpl class and all that junk. Just waiting till i get my cpl. Sorry off subject lol. I turned in my purchuse permit with all the info needed on it to my local ps. I asked if they'd register it aswell she said...
  6. pawn99

    From MI open carry in IN without cpl?

    Hey, so i'm from Sturgis, MI it's right on the border of Lagrange, IN it's legit a 10 min drive. I don't have my cpl yet in MI ( when i turn 21 in june i'll file my application ) Theirs a gun show in Lagrange i'll be attending. Just wondering if i was able to oc while their? My friend going has...
  7. pawn99

    empty holster stink eye?

    So i've been ocing. I dont have my cpl yet. I started ocing on wed. Starting out i been ocing while outside on my lawn while taking my dog out or just enjoying the day. On wed i went to walmart to get a few things and pizza hut i orderd inside and took food to go ( wing night!) Lol i disarmed...
  8. pawn99

    pistol purchase permit

    Hello fellow open carriers. I'm gonna be purchaseing my first pistol a glock 23 next week. I turn 21 in june and i understand i cant buy a pistol from a ffl unless im 21. I can however buy a pistol from a private seller though only with a permit to purchase and to get the permit to purchase you...
  9. pawn99

    Need help krogers issue

    Ok so i am currently employed at krogers at store 978 in Sturgis, Mi. I've worked here for 1 year an 8 months. Today i approched my store manager and told him i was obtaining my cpl and was curious if i could carry on the clock. He said no i cannot carry. He said he was gonna get his but he...
  10. pawn99

    CPL application questions

    I was wondering if i could find the forms online and do it on my computer. Also do you have to write a Written procedure or something? explaining why i'm chooseing to get my cpl. I've never done this before and i wanna do it right and not get denied or something bec i messed up something.
  11. pawn99

    Cpl class!!

    It's been a minute since i posted. But i wanted to inform everyone i take my cpl class tomorrow for the first time at 9am. Super excited but is their anything i needa know?
  12. pawn99

    I wanna say thanks to everyone

    I wanna take the time to say THANK YOU to everyone on this form for standing up for what we belive is our god given rights. This is far from over. We keep our voices known and push these gun gabbers backs against the wall. I do agree with obama...it's time for a change. Its time to change law...
  13. pawn99

    Havent got my cpl yet. im looking to take a class. Any feed back?

    Kinda looking for some great info on Laws and such. And also some details of things thats happend while you've OC'ed.