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    KY Freedom Rally May 2

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    Join Loserville Congressman Yarmuth and Kommofornia Congressman for anti-gun event at local HS

    March 5, 6pm-8pm Atherton High School (gun-free zone) 3000 Dundee Road, Loserville, KY
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    Radio Show Hosts KY Gun Control/Rights Talk

    Louisville's radio station 89.3 FM WFPL will host some folks discussing gun rights/laws in Kentucky. So far there will be Jeffrery Donohue (local law maker representing a huge swath of Jefferson County), a representative from Moms Demand Action, and someone from Kentucky Concealed Carry...
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    Simpsonville Mall violation

    The outlet mall in Simpsonville has signs posted at the entrance to their parking lots prohibiting firearms. This is in violation of KRS 237.106 and 237.110(17) (although I forgot to mention the latter to them in the below email) To Whomever It May Concern: I recently visited the outlet mall...
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    Red Flag Bill

    'Red Flag' law proposed in Kentucky to take guns from people perceived as a threat - support from both sides Very vague. What constitutes a dangerous person? They are depriving liberty and property without due process. Adams voted against the permitless concealed carry bill. I tried reaching...
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    Drag Queen Storytime at Public Library Helps Pave the Way to Pro-Gun Storytime!

    https://www.courier-journal.com/story/news/local/2019/03/25/louisville-library-host-first-drag-queen-storytime/3266400002/ So with all this inclusion we should get a pro-gun storytime thing going! AR-15s and Lever Actions present as we read stories of the founding of this nation.
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    Former ATF Agent to Speak at Anti-gun Group's Event - 3/10/19 - Lexington Library

    https://www.facebook.com/events/257075721880723/ Everyone is invited to the Central Kentucky Area Volunteers Meeting. Former ATF agent and trainer Karl Stankovic will be our featured speaker, talking about guns 101: what every Moms Demand Action volunteer needs to know. Northside Branch...
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    KET Panel on Mass Shootings Monday, Nov. 19 8pm

    KET will be having a live discussion panel regarding "mass shootings", 8pm Monday night, November 19, 2018. Please share with family, friends, school, and work. There will be opportunities to for the audience to call with questions/comments Please submit comments by the link or the phone...
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    UofL Law School Student Group Anti-Gun event

    Video at bottom I do not know if this is open to the public, or if I'll even bother attending given the panel. But...I'm the only openly pro-gun student at my law school. Even the "conservative" students are sheep who hide their gun-owner status in shame. Yarmuth and Coartney are worthless...
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    Bucombe Co Sherrif Candidate OK with Killing Gun Owners

    Among other forms of "gun control" https://www.facebook.com/TheRealRedElephants/videos/560872304284572/ https://www.facebook.com/TheRealRedElephants/videos/560872304284572/
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    Internet discussion shut down?

    Looks like Congress passed a bill today that essentially bans any forum that sells firearms (i.e private sales, links/advertisements to online distributors, etc) because a bill against sex trafficking was written too broadly. It's basically why Reddit shut down it's gun forums, YouTube probably...
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    March 24th anti-gun rallies across Ky

    There are a slew of anti-gun rallies sponsored by groups like Moms Demand Action, across KY, on March 24th, Find your KY event here. There are rallies/marches in Louisville, Lexington, Versailles, and a few other places https://event.marchforourlives.com/event/march-our-lives-events/search/ I...
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    Mad Mommies Celebrating 5 Years of Sandy Hook

    I don't know what they think they are "celebrating" but it looks like they are gearing up to stop all the good gun bills of 2018. Myself, my wife, and several friends have been blacklisted and ever since we kept crashing their public parties they have gotten sneaky. They even hire armed security...
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    2018 Firearm Legislation

    HB 36 by C. Morgan of Madison County. AN ACT relating to carrying concealed weapons. Create a new section of Chapter 237 to allow concealed deadly weapons to be carried without a license in same locations as concealed carry license holders may carry them; amend KRS 237.115 and 527.020 to...
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    Poor journalism possibly leading to misinformation on campus carry

    See, this here is bad journalism. The story leaves out important facts that make it sound like carrying on campus is illegal. Was the arrested person open or conceal carrying? If they were conceal carrying, did they have a valid license? If not, then they were arrested for the misdemeanor of...
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    Ryan Fenwick running for Louisville, Ky. mayor - don't vote for him!

    He's a socialist. Member, and endorsed by, the Democratic Socialist Party of Louisville. I wonder if he'd be worse than Fischer.
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    Student Fun Gun Social in Louisville, KY

    I am hosting/sponsoring a group here in Louisville for college-aged folks (and alumni) to have a fun, relaxed, semi-competitive, social shooting group. Open Range Sports has graciously agreed to let us use their facilities. The group offers both in-class instruction as well as live range time...
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    2018 Gun Bill Proposed

    And it is utter b.s http://www.wdrb.com/story/36117566/proposed-bill-would-require-guns-to-be-properly-secured-in-kentucky Forget locking up guns, they are useless if not accessable. Democrats here want us to become California: lock guns amd ammo in separate safes, no stand your ground or...
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    Louisville Office of Management and Budget

    It appears the folks at Metro decided to sneakily ban firearms in their Office Of Management and Budget Accounts. This group of offices is located at 609 W Jefferson St and while I can find no prohibitory signage on the entrance I did come across a rent-a-cop at a metal detector station with the...
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    PSA: Cincinatti Antifa

    Came across this FB group while seeing if the local chapter in Louisville was up to anything stupid. We don't have a John Brown Gun Club here in KY as far as I know but it looks like you have one in Ohio now. https://www.facebook.com/cincyjohnbrowngunclub/?fref=pb&hc_location=profile_browser...