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  1. xmanhockey7

    Non-resident taking gun from car to place of stay

    Looking to drive to IL from MI. I have a CPL in MI. I will be staying at my friend's apartment and would prefer to not keep my gun stored in my car. Is there a legal way to take my handgun from my car to her apartment? If I do transport it to her apartment is there any issue of the gun being...
  2. xmanhockey7

    Guns and Garbage - Cleaning Up the Streets of Detroit

    Young Guns of Michigan's first annual 'Guns and Garbage' cleanup! Meet with other gun owners and help clean the streets and alleys surrounding Milliken State Park. Snacks and drinks will be provided. Let's use this opportunity to show the general public that cops and criminals are not the only...
  3. xmanhockey7

    My Parents Open Carry book has won an award

    Saw on MCRGO's Facebook page today that Brain Jeff's and Nathan Nephew's book, My Parents Open Carry, has received an award. The award they received is "Creepiest Book of the 21st Century" by The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence. Congratulations guys. Looks like you're now award winning authors!
  4. xmanhockey7

    Gun Belt

    What type of gun belt do you guys use? I currently use a 5.11 casual belt that I really like. It's quite stiff and works fairly well for OWB carry, but it's beat to heck. I considered getting a Wilderness Tactical, but after seeing someones who said it doesn't hold up well over time I scrapped...
  5. xmanhockey7

    Carry in Downtown Nashville

    I will be visiting Nashville in a little over a week and had a question about carrying in downtown. I will be going with my friend to see a Predators/Red Wings game. While I realize I won't be able to carry in Bridgestone Arena I was curious about other places in downtown Nashville. Do many...
  6. xmanhockey7

    Wing Doozy in GR offers CPL Holders 25% Off Their Meal

    Don't have a link to the story yet, but saw on Fox 17 that Wing Doozy is offering a 25% discount to all CPL holders. Here is a link to their photo on the Facebook. I for one will make an attempt to eat their tomorrow on my way to Big Rapids...
  7. xmanhockey7

    Long gun in car

    I'll be moving to Georgia in October for about 7 months. I was curious as to what the law is in Georgia regarding a loaded long gun in the vehicle. Could it be concealed in the vehicle or does it have to remain in the open?
  8. xmanhockey7

    Ferris State SCC

    On Thursday I was interviewed for an article the school paper was going to do about the empty holster protest last week. I ended up making the front page of the local paper and should be in the school newspaper this week. I'll make sure to post a link to the school paper article when it comes...
  9. xmanhockey7

    Cadillac Open Carry Lunch Feb 3rd

    Michigan Open Carry is inviting you to come to Big Boy in Cadillac for lunch. We'll be there having good food, pleasant conversation, and answering any questions we can. They do not have a liquor license so those without CPL need not worry about being able to bring their holstered pistols...
  10. xmanhockey7

    SB 59 Update

    From MCRGO IMO this bill has little to no chance. The last thing I ever want to see in Michigan is giving places the option of posting an enforceable "no guns" sign. It is my belief that if given the option, you will see them everywhere! Don't believe me drive to Ohio...
  11. xmanhockey7

    Go to Support SB 59

    Anyone here planing to go the committee hearing for SB 59? Supposed to be at 9 A.M. I am thinking I will make the trip out to Lansing. ETA: This will be Tuesday December 11th in the Anderson building.
  12. xmanhockey7

    More Women Packing Heat

  13. xmanhockey7

    ABC4 experiment shows mixed reaction to guns in public (Video included with article)

  14. xmanhockey7

    Man Robbed with Own Handgun in Minneapolis Mugging

    I would like to note that I believe the guy was carrying concealed and that the state of Minnesota issues carry permits not concealed carry permits. http://www.myfoxtwincities.com/story/18656956/man-robbed-with-own-handgun-in-mpls-mugging
  15. xmanhockey7

    Michigan no longer has "perfect" reciprocity

    It's being reported New Mexico is dropping Michigan and many other states from state's they honor. http://www.glocktalk.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1418475
  16. xmanhockey7

    Moving to Indiana

    Well I'm moving to Plymouth, Indiana for about 6 months. Going to work at a resort down there for my internship. I'm sure I'll still post on here but my OC experiences will probably be from Indiana. The nice thing is I'll be in a state where I can carry openly or concealed and the whole...
  17. xmanhockey7

    Plymouth, Indiana

    Hey anyone here OC in the Plymouth area? I'll be moving there for about 6 months for an internship. I'm not sure how much I'll be OCing but I'll def be CCing and want to know of some places to shoot at and of course the nearest gun store.
  18. xmanhockey7

    MOC Lunch - Big Rapids

    Come join us for lunch on Saturday April 28th...
  19. xmanhockey7

    HB 5460 needs to be stopped.

    http://www.legislature.mi.gov/(S(2rastf45o3w2m155zy5zntqk))/mileg.aspx?page=getobject&objectname=2012-HB-5460 This will would allow those at least 18, who are in the military, to obtain a CPL. I think we should not allow this bill to pass. From what I can tell we would lose reciprocity with...
  20. xmanhockey7

    Man who brought gun to school used extremely poor judgement