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    Missed Everyone

    To all my open carry friends I have missed hearing from you I also am looking to start back up open carry meetups like in the past. If you are still intrested in getting back togther please message me so I can start planning the events. I am currently away on Military orders but am happy to...
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    Open carry bbq

    I am looking at hosting a open carry bbq in May 28th at http://slco.org/recreation/parks/millrace/ Stay tuned for more info times and places. Sent from my SM-N910V using Tapatalk
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    Help defend our rights for open carry UofU

    Good news Mitch Vilos has agreed to take this case to offset the legal cost he has agreed to accept donations in a trust account on my behalf. My part of the Bill is 750.00 to further open carry on Utah campuses. I will be meeting with University Police Chief and legal counsel to discuss their...
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    September Meet Up 25 September @600 pm

    Joe Morleys Barbecue Tuesday 25 September 2012 @1800 or 600 PM Location 100 West Center Street Midvale, UT 84047 Come expecting to see the media their doing a story on open carry. If you can come please show up concealed carry or open carry I want a big turnout for the media and just to...
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    Galvan Plazza Ice Skating Rink in SLC

    I went to the Galvan Ice Skating Rink last night around 1800 to enjoy some Ice Skating with some friends. I was on the Ice enjoying myself waiting for friends to show up when a CBI Security officer approached me inside and asked me for my CCW. I informed him I did not have to produce it but...
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    I voted Early OC Style

    So I had patriotic duty to go Vote today early. I proudly took my wife and kids and went to go Vote with my openly carried Glock 21 in it's Serpa Holster. After Voting I took the sticker and glady put it on my firearm. It carries a great message I am a Gun owner and I vote. What better...
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    Utah State Fair

    I will be attending the Utah State Fair on Saturday if anyone wants to meet up just call. Should be a fairly good open carry environment and should be lots of fun I am planning on being their all day with my kids and staying for the activities and rodeo that night. Call anytime 801-448-7574
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    Salt Lake City Justice Court

    Today in Salt Lake City justice court I appeared to contest a speeding ticket issued by Salt Lake City Police department and to set it for trial. I appeared before Justice Court Judge Virginia Ward who told me when I appear for trial I can not were my Empty holster and informed me I was a...
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    A little help please

    I am a Utah resident comming down to Aniston AL the week of 7/19-7/22 I have a valid CFP from Utah and am looking for a little more info to include a Open Carry pamphlet and some people to go out with who enjoy open carry. I will be training down their and just want to meet some local people...
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    Granite School Police

    imported post I was at 7-11 getting a refill when two officer in the corner came over and asked me if my firearm was loaded I replied yes. They said I could not carry my firearm loaded in Utah that it must be concealed. They then asked me for my picture ID I replied that I did not need to...
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    WVCPD traffic stop

    imported post Today around 1140 I was on 5600 West and 4100 South going northbound when I notice a police vehicle in my mirrors of my Motorcycle. And no vehicles in front of me at the time. I was pulled over by Officer Joseph McCuen ID 8142. He stated I was following to closely the vehicle in...
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    TEA Party

    imported post Thursday, April 15, 2010 10:00 am Where Salt Lake City Utah Federal Building, 125 S State St Event Contact Person Brian Halladay 801-592-4034
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    Law being signed

    imported post HB78 was signed into law yesterday this should help our cause
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    Salt Lake City Justice Court

    imported post Here is my dilemma I have to attend Court in Salt lake City over a speeding ticket. I am being told they will not secure my firearm and I can't bring it into the building. I have spoken with several officials who state the court does not have to provide a locker for my firearm...
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    Legislative Session

    imported post legislative session starts on Monday January 25th I will be their all day at the State Capitol if anyone cares to join me. Their is several grass root meetings taking place that day if anyone wants to show up. This session should be a good year for gun rights. If you plan on...
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    StateWide OC Day

    imported post This was copied from the utahconcealedcarry.com in the OC Fourm It would be interesting to see what a general 'OC day' would do in this state. Would the CC people go along with it for support? Imagine thousands of people carrying openly to show the criminal element just how...
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    House Robbery

    imported post Recently where I live their has been a rash of House break-ins. Both robbery's were in the middle of the day the suspects wore suits and ties trench coats. And occurred within 15 Min's of each other. The robbers knew when they were gone this particular time within 45 Min of...
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    SL County Deputy

    imported post So today at 1420 I get home and noticed a unmarked sheriff car driving around my neighborhood. So I get on the Motorcycle and go see whats going on in my neighborhood. A plain clothes deputy approaches my bike and asks about my firearm. I give him a vague answer. He asks if I...
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    Utah Shooting Sports

    imported post So over the past few months I have come to realize that their is a group of people who do a very good job at protecting our rights here in Utah. They work hard to protect our rights here in Utah. Everyday we I see attacks on our freedoms and it is nice to know we have someone...
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    Going to Colorado

    imported post I will be in Colorado over Halloween Weekend. I am a avid open carrier and live in Utah. I have a Valid CFP and was wondering if I could open carry in Colorado I will be in Delores CO for the Week then returning to Utah. Also if their are any meet up's anywhere that weekend. If...