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    Last Rites

    I have paid my $5.00 and become an official ordained priest for the sole purpose of performing this function. With only one post in this forum since last Friday, I am officially declaring this forum DEAD! COL, Solus and the rest of the kiddie table have killed it with their nonsense. Rest in peace!
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    Kamala Does Not Qualify to be Vice President

    Why Kamala Harris does not qualify to be President or Vice President. The qualifications for President, which are the same for Vice President, are spelled out in Article 2 Section 1 of the Constitution. They are as follows: “No Person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United...
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    National Reciprocity

    The Dems want solar panels in the coronavirus Bill. Why don't the Republicans insist on National Reciprocity in the Bill?
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    Is it me, or are Rob Rosenstein and Adolph Eichmann brothers?
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    Republican v. Democrat

    A Republican believes that if it does not harm people then you should be able to use your own money to obtain whatever you want. A Democrat believes that if it does not harm people, pets, the air, the soil, elephants, elephant seals, plants, African lions, Indian Bengal tigers, the water...
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    Open carry question

    Going to be visiting vegas in a few weeks and wanted to know if the hotels on the strip allow open carry for their guest while they ingress and egress the hotel. I am not interested in carry in their casinos or on their property other than to enter or exit my room.