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  1. JTHunter2


    And, as Paul Harvey closed nearly every program, that is "the rest of the story". I loved listening to his stories and voice when I was younger.
  2. JTHunter2

    Traveling cross country while open carrying.

    That is the difference between "living quarters" (i.e., residential) and a business that provides a service. OC in "common areas" is basically to avoid "panic attacks" by the "sheeple". "Out of sight - out of mind." You can OC inside the aprtment. Just don't panic the wussies.
  3. JTHunter2

    Traveling cross country while open carrying.

    That may apply to the "common areas" of the property and not the units themselves.
  4. JTHunter2

    Local Sam's Club 'leave OC firearm in the car' upon entrance?

    Count your blessings. Some states (like IL-ANNOY) don't allow OC and barely allow CC. 😱
  5. JTHunter2

    Update on St. Louis couple

    And now they are suing to get their guns back.
  6. JTHunter2

    Gun laws barring sales to people under 21 are unconstitutional, appeals court rules

    With all these differing opinions in the federal courts, things are getting "interesting".
  7. JTHunter2

    If a LE resigns from an organizational assignment...are they still employed?

    GOOD GRIEF !!! One man is dead and anothers life is ruined. It's time to give this argument a REST !! o_O🤪
  8. JTHunter2

    If a LE resigns from an organizational assignment...are they still employed?

    Solus - since when did facts matter to these divisive people?
  9. JTHunter2

    Staffing Crisis in policing

    Some of the police that have "retired" are doing so partly because of the lack of support from not only their leaders but also from the politicians that are putting them in harm's way. With a toxic work environment like that, I don't blame them one little bit for deciding to change their careers.
  10. JTHunter2

    If a LE resigns from an organizational assignment...are they still employed?

    From what I have read on various feeds, the "response team" from which these officers resigned was a "voluntary team". They have not left the force and they will still be doing much the same work as the rapid response team did before. They just won't have access to the "special tools"...
  11. JTHunter2

    Update on St. Louis couple

    The news reported that, after their "conviction", those guns were confiscated and are to be destroyed. The news last night reported that the McCloskeys have already replaced those guns. :rolleyes:
  12. JTHunter2

    Local Sam's Club 'leave OC firearm in the car' upon entrance?

    Is this another case of "PC" or them pandering to the "vocal minority"?
  13. JTHunter2

    Hindsight is simply wonderful - Examining the U.S. Capital Attack - Staff Report all 128 pages.

    Because they are "elitists" and think they "own" the government. That mistaken belief makes them think it "their building".
  14. JTHunter2

    A federal judge, who compares an AR-15 to a Swiss Army knife, overturns California's ban on assault weapons

    And what if Newsom gets his BP so high over this that he has a stroke and solves so many CA residents problems by being removed from office as "medically unfit"? 😈 :ROFLMAO:(y)
  15. JTHunter2

    24 states urge Supreme Court to take case challenging NJ large-capacity magazine ban

    BUT, what states actually have such restrictions in place at this time? CA and NY probably lead the list but don't most of the New England states have magazine restrictions too? Didn't Colorado's governor ban large magazines several years ago, resulting in Mag-pul moving out of state?
  16. JTHunter2

    Oregon Governor Just Signed A GUN CONFISCATION Law

    Why spam? More likely a necro-thread.
  17. JTHunter2

    Update on St. Louis couple

    He claims to be a republican, yet he has contributed to BLM and other leftist organizations. His opponents are former MO governor Eric Grietens (hounded from office by St. Louis prosecutor Kim Gardiner) and somebody else but I can't remember who. They all claim to be "republicans". :rolleyes:
  18. JTHunter2

    SCOTUS Rules Police Cannot Search Homes Without Warrants in the Name of 'Community Caretaking'

    Only those that are employed by a municipality. There are also private companies in some areas that provide ambulance and paramedic services - at least in this area of IL-ANNOY.