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    Taurus G2C

    What is your opinion on the Taurus G2C? At $230 retail (in my town in Virginia) seems like it could be a really good deal.
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    Camping at Shenandoah National Park

    So, what exactly are the rules regarding handguns in a national park in Virginia? We may be planning a camping trip to Shenandoah next summer and I wanted to make sure I was within the law if I take my gun with me.
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    Is It Legal to Sell a Gun to a Family Member in Another State Privately??

    My uncle is interested in buying a handgun for personal and home defense, but he wants to buy privately without going through an FFL. Could I legally sell him one of mine if he lives in a different state?
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    Anyone Know How to Get Their Hands on .22 LR??

    Does anyone have any tips on getting some .22 LR here in Lynchburg? I have heard some stores get regular, limited shipments but you have to be in line at a certain time on a certain day, but I don't know when. While most calibers are coming back in slowly, it is still next to impossible to find...
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    Buy a Gun on Sunday

    Can you buy a gun on Sunday in Virginia?
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    Hunting Rifle and Home Defense Shotgun

    Hey guys, I am looking to invest in a good, reliable hunting rifle and home defense shotgun. Fyi, not interested in any of the tactical stuff. I am looking to spend around $1500 total, hopefully including some ammo. What are some of ya'lls suggestions? Thanks.
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    Selling to Family Outstate

    What is the law regarding selling, trading or gifting guns to people out of state? My uncle lives in Florida and is considering getting a gun and he'd like to do it privately so i would like to sell or trade him one of mine.
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    Opinions on CZ - P07 Duty

    Hey guys. What is your opinion on the CZ - P07 Duty?
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    Lynchburg OC Lunch - January 5, 2013

    Hey ya'll, It's been awhile since we have gotten together here in Lynchburg. I was thinking we could do an OC lunch on Saturday, January 5. Vinny's on Wards Rd. has been a popular choice for our previous OC lunches. I am open to other suggestions. Blue Dahlia and the Hibachi buffet have also...
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    U.S. Conference of Mayors calls for Stricter Gun Laws

    Here we go again. One lone crazy guy kills some innocent people and libertards go nuts and scream to get rid of the guns. Because that worked so well with drugs and alcohol...
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    Non-Resident Carry in Maine

    I am from Virginia and have family in Maine and I was wondering what the laws were considering open and/or concealed carry in Maine if you are not a resident of Maine. Thanks.
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    Should I get the Sig SP2022 or CZ P07 Duty?

    I currently own a Ruger P95 and am looking to add another 9mm. I have heard some good things about both the Sig Sauer SP2022 and the CZ P07 Duty. What are the pros and cons of both of these guns and which would you recommend?
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    Outdoor target practice laws

    Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone knew the laws regarding firing a handgun on your own land and knew where I could look up the laws. I have a friend who has neighbors on either side, relatively close, but a great deal of woods, which are unowned, directly the rear of his property. I was...
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    Thoughts on CZ

    What are your thoughts on CZ? What is the best model?
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    Open Carry/Concealed Carry Laws

    Is there somewhere I can go to get a simple, concise list of the laws in Virginia concerning open and concealed carry? Also, I noticed on another forum post that you are allowed to carry into a business as long as they don't have a sign forbidding it. Is there any regulation for how the sign...