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  1. jasonstorm

    .22 ammo

    Yeah, I know this doesn't really have anything to do with OC, however I was open carrying during... So, yesterday I'm up in Prescott with the wife, walking around, browsing shops, and I found a 500 round brick of .22 Blazers. The last one on the shelf. Not quite same price as I would've paid 5...
  2. jasonstorm

    Lone Wolf Trading Co guns and ammo is NOT gun friendly

    Lone Wolf guns and ammo in Glendale have signage that no loaded guns are permitted in store. That's a shame since it's close to where I live. Oh well, plenty of other stores that do NOT require me to disarm before entering. Been to Cabela's a couple of times recently. Got 2 boxes of .22LR (333...
  3. jasonstorm

    OC around Akron/Canton area

    Chilly morning and early afternoon, but beautiful with clear blue skies and bright sun. Went to the strip and got bagels and coffee. Sat there by the south window in the hot sun reading for about an hour. It felt amazing after the harsh, cold winter we've had. Walked over to BAM and looked at...