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  1. J

    GOA & NRA endorse Christine O'Donnell for Senate!

    So im a bit jelous that you guys actually have a pro-2A candidate running. I know she faces an up hill battle but it seems to me the momentum is on her side. Here in Illinois we got stuck choosing between a gun grabbing RINO or a gun grabbing Socialist. Hope gun owners show up to the polls in...
  2. J

    New Pro 2A Governor

    imported post Im sure that a lot of you are celebrating Ritters decision not to run (I am and Im not even from your state). If the GOP manages to win the seat and gain in the CO Senate and House, is there a feeling that they will fix the denial of non-res permits and or bring open carry back...
  3. J

    Open Carry Lake Geneva

    imported post My family goes up to Lake Geneva once or twice every summer and I always wanted to OC there but did not want to make a scene with my family there. Now with the opinion of the AG has anyone heard an offical statement by LG LE? I was thinking about OCing next time and just was...
  4. J

    Court Candidates Fight Over Gun RIghts

    imported post Looks like Wisconsin gun owners have to get out and vote. http://www.jsonline.com/news/statepolitics/42481127.html Waukesha - The state Supreme Court campaign is ending with a fight over a new issue: Who is the better friend of Wisconsin gun owners? Challenger Randy...
  5. J

    Kansas 2010 Gubernatorial Race

    imported post I have a feeling that a Pro 2A candidate can win in Kansas in 2010 being that Kansas is a GOP strong hold. Are there any strong pro 2A candiates thinking about running? I am not from the state so I am not too familiar with the politics there, but is a strong conservative like...
  6. J

    Asking permission to Open Carry in Illinois

    imported post If I am reading all of this right, OCDO might have to change the status of open carry in Illinois. It would seem that open carry is legal in rural/unincorporated areas on public and private land. (720 ILCS 5/24-1) Sec. 24-1. Unlawful Use of Weapons. (10) Carries or possesses on...
  7. J

    District Court Upholds Chicago Gun Ban

    imported post This was a temporary loss for us, however even the judge hinted that this decision will most likely be overturned. "This court should not be misunderstood as either rejecting or endorsing the logic of plaintiff's argument. It may well carry the day before a court that is...
  8. J

    More 2A friendly?

    imported post Not being a resident of Arizona, I am not sure if Jan Brewer is pro second amendment or not. If she is, then do residents of Arizona think she will sign some if not all of that firearm freedom legislation that Janet vetoed? I remebered that a bill lowering the penalty for carrying...
  9. J

    Help Save Gun World!!!

    imported post We need your support! The City Council of Wood Dale will meet on Thursday, April 17th, at 7:30 PM to decide whether or not we can open anew range in Wood Dale. We would sincerely appreciate a turnout of customers and friends at this meeting to support ourcase for a'yes' vote. The...
  10. J

    Illinois Pro Second Amendment Resolution

    imported post Dupage County residents, I have been in contact with two members of the county board. We have been discussing the Illinois Pro Second Amendment Resolution and they both seem to be supportive of it. It would be helpful to send emails to Brien Sheahan and Jeff Redick in support of...