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    State Trooper Experience

    I was on my way from Tucson to a very important appointment in Casa Grande today. Well, I missed it. My back left tire tread completely shredded and separated at 75mph on I-10 just outside of Marana, while I was in the middle lane between two semi trucks. Amazingly, I didn't crash and made it to...
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    Question about Suntran in Tucson

    I have searched around but I'm not finding what I am looking for. I live in Tucson and I think I have ridden the bus (Suntran) one time in the near decade I have lived here. It looks like I am going to need to hop on a bus next week to go get my motorcycle out of the shop. Does anyone know if...
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    A little clarification please

    imported post I recently received the following info in an email from my neighborhood group. Something about this doesn't sound right to me, but if anyone has any input I would greatly appreciate it. "One of the folks in the neighborhood said that she had some Hispanic guy knock on her door...