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  1. tombrewster421

    Tapatalk not working?

    I used to use Tapatalk to peruse the forum all the time. Now I can’t login with that format. What gives? Is the new system not compatible?
  2. tombrewster421


    I'm planning a trip to California and I'm going to be staying in a campground in Yosemite national park for one night. It's in bear territory and there are warnings about it and all food must be locked up while there. I'd really like to be able to have my gun on me while there and would...
  3. tombrewster421


    Went to renew my license in Parkland yesterday. It was a simple in and out in about 10 minutes. No issues with the gun although my new photo does look reminiscent of a mugshot since I just got off work, had to take off my hat, and I need a haircut.
  4. tombrewster421

    In Spokane till Tuesday

    In Spokane area till Tuesday. Is anything going on? Be cool to meet a few folks from the dry side.
  5. tombrewster421

    Breaking! Active shooter at clover park technical college.

    ]Breaking! Active shooter at clover park technical college. During lunch my coworker left and called me when he was unable to get back on campus. I went outside to resume work and was told to take cover inside and that it is not a drill.
  6. tombrewster421

    Why I carry

    I'm happy to announce that last Thursday I was given another reason to exercise my rights. Thursday may 16 at 8:11 P.M. Gabriella Deana Brewster was born.
  7. tombrewster421

    JT Wilcox

    I OC'd to the Wilcox farm yesterday with the family for JT's 2nd annual salmon bake fundraiser. The only comment from anyone was from a couple that said "I love it!" while pointing at my gun. Had a good time and enjoyed the great food. (I was not trespassed from private property nor did I ask...
  8. tombrewster421

    Tacoma convention center

    It has come to my attention that the convention center will be attempting to restrict carry at the county and state conventions. Security is being provided by the city. I will CC tomorrow then try to find out more to send off a letter. If anyone can gain any useful info in the meantime I'd...
  9. tombrewster421

    County conventions

    So I'll be going to the Pierce County GOP convention this coming weekend in hopes to be a delegate for Ron Paul at the state convention. Anyone else planning on attending their counties convention, or already have attended? Anyone going to OC? The Pierce County convention is at the convention...
  10. tombrewster421

    Giving blood while armed

    A few times now I've donated blood at the blood mobile while OCing. I have not had any comments or concerns about my carrying. I was just wondering if anyone else has given blood while OCing.:)
  11. tombrewster421

    7.62x39 and 17L

    Wholesale sports in Federal Way has 7.62 x 39 ammo on sale for $4.99 a box! I OC'd in there and picked up a few. I also checked out the Glock 17L. It looked great in my holster! That should be my next purchase, just got to save the dough. Definitely an OC gun (with the 6" barrel and all).
  12. tombrewster421

    St. Joseph's hospital not anti gun

    So I'm at St. Joseph's hospital because my wife is about to have another baby. I ccd here the last time we had a child and this time I made sure to check for sinage. I can't believe that there's no metal detectors, no signs, and they even have free wifi. I like this hospital.
  13. tombrewster421

    Union Station Courthouse

    I was wondering if anyone had information about the Union Station Courthouse and whether or not they follow state law and allow you to check your firearm at the door. Since this is a federal courthouse I just wasn't sure if they would do this or if they would just arest you on the spot for...
  14. tombrewster421

    Scheduled to speak with Schram

    Ken Schram's producer has scheduled to call me for the show today 10/7/2010 at 12:35. Hopefully he'll let me talk for more than two seconds. Tune in to AM 1000 at 12:30
  15. tombrewster421

    Not backing down 770 KTTH @ 5:30 10/4/2010

    I'm going on AM 770 @ 5:30 with David Bose.
  16. tombrewster421

    KOMO 4 news tonight! 9/30/2010

    KIRO 7 news tonight! 9/30/2010 Okay I screwed up it was KIRO 7 that came out to interview me for the news tonight. Thank you Dave Workman for bringing it to their attention. They said they will most likely be at the Starbucks in Spanaway this Saturday at 10:00 as well, let's have a huge...
  17. tombrewster421

    Harrassed by 4 sheriffs in STARBUCKS!

    So I went to Starbucks in Spanaway to grab a coffee at lunch today and there was a sheriff there. While I stood in line to place my order the S asked if that was a gun, which I said yes, and then he asked to see my ID. I asked why and he said "because I don't know you and you have a gun". I told...
  18. tombrewster421

    Federal Building

    I just found this post on the WY forum and it was put there by a founders club member. Take a look at the highlighted part and tell me if carry for self defense would not be considered an "other lawful purpose". The carry of a firearm in a 'federal building' How many of you have actually...
  19. tombrewster421

    Golf course?

    So I searched the forum and only found one thread from NM that had not recieved any replies. So I was wondering if anyone has ever OC'd while golfing. I would assume that at least courses that are owned and operated by city or county parks should fall under preemption. So, anybody ever try it?
  20. tombrewster421

    Silly liberals

    So today I decided to have lunch with my family at a restaurant near where I was working. I wasn't sure what was nearby so I used the "around me" iPhone app. I found a place called "the Antique Sandwich Co." I thought it sounded good and wanted to try it out. I went inside and asked if I was to...