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    Would prefer the ability to delete my account. No hard feelings, but I am no longer interested.

    Would prefer the ability to delete my account. No hard feelings, but I am no longer interested.
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    Auf Wiedersehen

    It was a good journey with all of you, but now it is time for me to move on to other things. I wish all of you good health and good fortune in what you do.
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    Stand your ground debate or ??

    One news outlet quoted a relative of the deceases as saying that the homeowner used "excessive" force against these innocent children. More and more I am thinking that the inmates are running the asylum.
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    of interest to note AL CCP no longer be used for NICS background check...

    All because some of our sheriffs, all of whom are members of the Alabama Sheriffs' Association, could not be bothered to conduct background checks for pistol permits. Keep in mind that ASA has been the major lobbyist against constitutional carry here in Alabama. I've always thought that our...
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    Gender Identity??

    Just remember, "Men are from Mars; women are from Venus. Anything else is from Uranus!"
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    memorial day 2019

    Sad to see such cynicism from a younger member. I put in 21 years in the Army, but not in hopes of benefits. In fact, many of the benefits the recruiters promised were ignored by the government. During the majority of my time in uniform, the services were a deterrent against certain...
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    All I will say is read the Qu'ran and make up your own mind whether or not it is a "religion of peace." I have my own copy and I have read it through several times.
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    Sorry, no cigarettes!

    Unfortunately, eye95, you and I both know that there are mentally challenged people who think the movie/TV ideal of just "shooting to wound" is the way to go. I am reasonably accurate, to date, but I am very unsure of my ability to hit an arm or leg when under stress. That is the whole reason...
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    As of this morning, 04/17/19, reports say that investigators are unable to enter the parts of the cathedral that may contain evidence of how the fire started. They are interviewing the workers who had been on site when the fire started. At this point, all we have is suspicion and conjecture...
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    There were, as I understand it, numerous incidents of churches being desecrated and burned across France before the fire at Notre Dame. I also understand that there have been allegations that MSM is squashing any on-air attempts at discussing those events or any speculation as to the causes.
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    Green card holders and firearms

    You mean eye95 has surfaced? Missed him.
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    WSJ - Dr. to Patient: Do You Have a Gun?

    [snip="since9, post: 2236058, member: 43653 I'm not sure what it is about women doctors. I've encountered three women doctors and one woman endodontist. Of the four, three were certifiable, and two were pushy about asserting their authority as a doctor to get me to make a choice that was...
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    WSJ - Dr. to Patient: Do You Have a Gun?

    Since I retired from the Army (1991) and started having to go to civilian doctors, I have been asked that question only once by a doctor. The question was on one of the forms I had to fill out and I left it blank. When I got in to see her, she was absolutely livid that I had not answered that...
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    Riverchase Galleria Mall shooting

    News is now saying the police "think" they shot the wrong man and that there was more than one shooter involved.
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    Asked not to carry at a wedding... What Would You Do???

    Yes, it is the bride's and groom's day. That, however, does not give them the privilege of denying me the protection of being armed. Simply put, I would not attend, but would send a gift. I would tell them I am unable to attend, but would not get into any detail.
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    Gun "Buy back" in Montgomery

    First of all, why do they persist in calling it a "buy back" when they never sold them to start with? The news coverage of this admitted that some valuable weapons were turned in. Yet, their limit was, if I remember, $100 per weapon. So why aren't the ones sponsoring this hiding their faces...
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    Concealed Carry Arguments and Assumptions

    I'm engaged in some interesting discussions on another, non-firearm only, forum about open vs concealed carry. I keep getting the same old, tired arguments that I think all of us have heard at least a thousand times: 1. You will be the first one shot. (To my knowledge, this has never happened...
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    Open carried guns stolen?

    I have a friend in another state who claims that there have been several incidents of firearms stolen from open carriers. The only incident I have been able to find was the incident that some speculated was a cover-up for illegal activity. Can anyone enlighten me? Has there been more than the...
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    Who Notices You Open Carrying? List your experiences.

    I was in Sam's Club, carrying a Ruger P89. Not one single adult in the entire store noticed, or if they did, did not run screaming for the exit. However, one little boy, I would guess not more than two, glanced in my direction, looked away, and then snapped his head back! His eyes looked like...
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    Fun and games at the Wal Mart on Atlanta Highway

    A fun evening at Wal Mart on Atlanta Highway. When I walked in the door, the young deputy sheriff crooked his finger at me in a "Come here" gesture. That got my blood pressure easing up immediately as I am most assuredly not a child to be summoned by some young squirt wearing a badge and a...