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  1. Tess


    Hope everyone has seen the plans to thwart the gathering limits and the carry restrictions, while still carrying our message to Richmond on Lobby Day. Follow rolling4the2A.com for details.
  2. Tess

    Amicus curiae brief from Dems

    I would have thought this would have been posted, but I don't see it. The actual brief submitted by the Dem senators. To me it reads like an editorial gussied up with big margins and lots of footnotes. I do have to admit that, though I am not a lawyer and don't often read the actual...
  3. Tess

    After-Action Report - Town Hall on "Gun Safety" - Wexton 6/22/19

    AFTER ACTION - Wexton "Town Hall on Gun Safety" 1. Some time after printing the materials for her "town hall", Mx. Wexton apparently changed her mind. She refused to use the term "gun safety" (who among her staff reads this page, I wonder) and used instead "gun violence prevention." 2...
  4. Tess

    A LINK for those who don't read the ANNOUNCEMENTS forum

    Sad news: Another Warrior in Valhalla
  5. Tess

    Northern Virginia picnic Sunday June 17

    PICNIC!!! Rescheduled from Jun 10; now THIS SUNDAY Jun 17 -- Fort Hunt Park EDITED TO RESCHEDULE: Due to the high likelihood of thunderstorms on Sunday, I've rescheduled for Sunday, June 17. The performance that evening will be the Mount Vernon Concert Band. Of course, this nearly...
  6. Tess

    Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

    Is VMFA posted? From their website, it seems to be private. While it wouldn't surprise me if it is posted ... If it is, are there metal detectors or searches? i.e is "don't ask, don't tell" in effect? I must go. I will not deny my parents the opportunity to see the terracotta warriors...
  7. Tess

    Question for NRA Voting Members

    Any insights into which of the NRA Board candidates are anti-open carry? The only one I know of off the top of my head is Carrie Lightfoot. I'm seriously considering following Jeff Knox' bullet voting recommendations, but if I choose to vote for more, I don't want to vote for one who wants to...
  8. Tess

    MASF Civilian Carry Mindset Seminar

    I'm attending this seminar. It was originally scheduled for this weekend (26 Aug) but has been rescheduled to allow more to attend. Not a shooting course, but those of you who have expressed interest in hearing Dan Hawes may be interested. He is not the only good speaker who will present.
  9. Tess

    Bradys trying to bully Apple and Android stores

    Here's there message: Dear T, As if it wasn’t already too easy for dangerous people to get their hands on guns -- now a new app for iPhone and Android users makes it even easier. TacSwipe is designed to let people buy and sell guns and gun accessories to strangers in their area -- no...
  10. Tess

    Salem gun show 7/15

    I'm returning from vacation tomorrow, and planning to stop in at the Salem gun show on my way by. Anyone from here gonna be there?
  11. Tess

    Birmingham Museum of Art

    As a visitor to Alabama, I read through the relevant code sections, checked handgunlaw.us, and verified whether "signs have the force of law" in Alabama. Checked preemption laws, and checked museum ownership. Then we went to the Birmingham Museum of Art, which is owned by the City, and found...
  12. Tess

    Issues with forum software

    For the past couple of weeks, any time I try to reply to a post, the system appears to ignore my space bar on the first line. I end up having to type a couple of words, then advance to the next line and start the post for real. It's only ocdo; it's only on replies. That suggests it's not my...
  13. Tess

    OC meetup in Alexandria -- it's been too long

    Been talking with others, and it's way overdue. So, let's plan an OC meetup in Alexandria at the Old Town Farmers Market, at Market Square (301 King Street for GPS), on 6 August at 0900. There is a parking garage on the South side of Market Square. We can meet in Market Square by that...
  14. Tess

    Facebook Group - Unapologetic Open Carry

    Anyone here belong to that group? Trying to figure out why the hell I got booted out. My last comment replied to someone who prefers to conceal for tactical advantage, and my comment said while I recognize your point, I disagree, but the whole point is to carry. When I went back to see the...
  15. Tess


    Just happened to note this week that today is my 10th anniversary on OCDO. Good thing the system doesn't track how many hours ..... Carry on
  16. Tess

    Scott Surovell announces bid to replace Toddy Puller

    Scott Surovell is at least as anti-gun as Toddy Puller; the difference is he is every-so-slightly less dismissive when talking to you face-to-face. But he's running for her seat. What do you all know about Dumfries Mayor Jerry Foreman, who has already announced his candidacy?
  17. Tess

    Pre-VCDL meeting dinner

    I'm planning to hit the Juke Box Diner at 6:30 on Thursday, prior to the VCDL meeting in Annandale. Anyone who's interested is more than welcome to join me. Let me know, and I'll try to get seating together.
  18. Tess

    Pre-VCDL meeting dinner at Juke Box Diner

    Logistical concerns make it impractical for my family to join VCDL members in their traditional post-meeting trek to Juke Box Diner. The sooper secret pre-meeting meetup may or may not still be going on, but I won't go there. So, I propose dinner at Juke Box Diner on the 17th at 6PM for anyone...
  19. Tess

    What did you see at Lobby Day?

    I had no problem entering the GAB. I did NOT go through the CHP door, as I was carrying a bag. I saw one person turned away from the CHP door because he was not carrying. I would have liked to say something -- it is advertised as a CHP door, not a door for persons carrying firearms. And my...
  20. Tess

    Scott Surovell on-line constituent survey

    Surovell's constituent survey (now that he's filed all his legislation) is at scottsurovell.org/survey. He needs to get hammered with "NONE OF THE ABOVE" on his gun questions. When he initially went live with the survey, it did not include said option, and it was a "required" question --...