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  1. garand_guy

    Two-Guns/"Other Side=Concealed" Rumor

    Found this anecdote elsewhere and wanted to see if it was true and if anyone had any documentary evidence to support it.
  2. garand_guy

    Library Open Carry: Did Senator Introduce Campus Carry Lite?

    Did Senator Denis just introduce a campus carry lite amendment? Senator Denis’ proposed an amendment which amounts to campus carry lite. Under his amendment, it would be legal at many schools, college/universities, libraries, etc. to openly carry or carry concealed in the parking lot or have a...
  3. garand_guy

    No on Question 1 Mega Rally

    Saturday, 11 AM-3 PM. Sunset & LV Blvd. Walk to the Las Vegas sign at about noon.
  4. garand_guy

    History help

    Hello, I'm researching California unloaded open carry for a book on OC that I'm writing. Since the forum only goes back so far, I want to pick people's knowledge about the early early days. What or who led to the momentum for open carry to become a thing as it seemed to blow up around 2008...
  5. garand_guy

    Few Rules Restricting Tactical Assault Pants in Public in Nevada

    Few Rules Restricting Tactical Assault Pants in Public in Nevada https://youtu.be/IhTY9UV7_Js http://nevadacarry.blogspot.com/2016/06/few-rules-restricting-tactical-assault.html
  6. garand_guy

    Vegas Library Lawsuit Thread

    As BB62 suggested and Grapeshot concurred, I'm starting a separate thread for the library thing. For those who don't know, the Las Vegas Clark County Library District had a mom arrested for trespassing (cited and release though) and she filed suit. Posted it in two places...
  7. garand_guy

    New Website -- FrontierCarry.org

    I'm sure that some of you are familiar with Nevada Carry, which I may or may not be associated with. I'm proud to announce the new sister site FrontierCarry.org serving the intermountain west, or the frontier states. So same thing as I've been doing here, just more states. I picked these states...
  8. garand_guy

    Need Help Understanding

    Hello, I'm the guy who runs NevadaCarry.org. I'm expanding the concept to the whole intermountain west, but Colorado is making my head hurt. I'm trying to understand a couple things, particularly when it comes to OC. I've gathered so far: Denver can do practically whatever it wants; OC can be...
  9. garand_guy

    Red Rock Canyon: Restoring Loaded Carry

    Blog post here, because I'm lazy and don't want to do all the HTML mark-up here. TL;DR version Rule is an administrative one Bureaucratic processes made the rule and can undo it Nat'l Parks and virtually all the other BLM land allows guns We can write letters to the BLM and bug our Congressmen...
  10. garand_guy

    Open Carry is Not Suicidal: Incidents Examined

    Two posts, one for the article and one for my thoughts. I am quite fed up with CC-only advocates, who I'm calling concealed carry supremacists here, spreading rumors and frankly bullcrap about how open carry is bad, dangerous, or will get you killed. I got very upset the other day. We all know...
  11. garand_guy

    Open Carry Pro-Gun Counter March

    Open carry friendly (handguns only please) pro-gun counter march against Everytown/Moms. Turn out the crowds! Sunday, 3:45 PM 531 S. 7th Street Las Vegas, NV Street parking available.
  12. garand_guy

    Blue Card Wake Sat 6/4 Henderson

    Hello, I'm holding a wake for our recently departed friends, the blue cards, in Henderson at Noon. Blue cards were killed by Gov. Sandoval with a stroke of a pen today, 6/2/2015. Blue cards were 67 years old. They are survived by freedom, the 2nd Amendment, and happy law-abiding gun owners. 12...
  13. garand_guy

    Pahrump open carry meetup?

    How many Pahrumpalopes would want to meet somewhere in your great rural metropolis for a meetup? I've personally never been to Nye County, but it seems like fun and I know we Las Vegans always make you guys drive down here. How many people from Vegas would drive up?
  14. garand_guy


    I made this. Feel free to use it. I'm thinking that we can post our own original informational stuff like this here. I hear that this kinda stuff is popular on Twitter and Facebook.
  15. garand_guy

    Mid-Week Meetup

    Anyone interested in a mid-week meetup? Figure an adults-type gathering for beers, etc. Not so much of a big, planned gathering like our monthly one (down south), but rather an established day and time for an ad-hoc, come-as-you-are gathering in the evening.
  16. garand_guy

    Strip/Downtown Walk?

    Is anyone interested in doing a Strip or Downtown walk here in Vegas? I know I've brought it up to a few of you before, but it seems like this would be a good time to get out and meet the very, very public. I've got a cowboy outfit all ready to go. :banana: I'm thinking we can pick a weekend...
  17. garand_guy

    March Meetup Madness

    Based on some interested displayed in another post, I'd like to host an open carry meetup with some of my fellow folks who are new to open carry. Veterans welcome, of course. Now, this doesn't have to be a big, formal get together, as some may want to get together sooner rather than later. So...
  18. garand_guy

    Made an OC Info Site

    Being new to open carry (and the forum), I did my homework on the laws before I stepped out. I was also a little worried of confrontations and how to cite laws and justifications to people. So I recently made this little, informative website with basic QA about open carry, with citations! Links...