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  1. riverrat10k


    I am going SOMEWHERE for breakfast tomorrow. Sent some PM's. If I don't hear back, I will be at the Bob Evans on Midlothian and the Powhite whenever the hell I get there. Carry On. riverrat
  2. riverrat10k

    2nd post today--Unicorn at Cracker Barrel!!!???!!???

    Family dinner at CB this evening (not my choice), Rt 360 near Brandermill, Richmond suburbs. Looked around and a young guy is eating by himself, has a very pretty colt 1911 on his hip. We finish up around the same time and I excuse myself from my family, introduce myself to him, and ask if I...
  3. riverrat10k

    1st of two posts today---Lori Haas calls NRA and VCDL members radicals

    Haven't started or even posted to a thread for some time, but regularly check in. From the Sunday 2-21 Richmond Times Dispatch editorial section http://www.richmond.com/opinion/their-opinion/guest-columnists/article_61824fb9-b31e-5980-b4a2-510b5a943a87.html last paragraph, emphasis mine: "A...
  4. riverrat10k

    Rights in hospitals.

    Had to take my wife to the er this week. Sucked. An hour in, a woman brought the treatment consent form for her to sign. Wife was puking non-stop. I said give me the clipboard. The woman complied and started waiting around for me to sign it. Just above the signature line was a the phrase " I...
  5. riverrat10k

    Western New Yorkers tell Gov. Cuomo and politicians to eat it.

    Clarence, NY, suburb of Buffalo. http://www.market-ticker.org/akcs-www?post=216990 Watch it! Many of those speaking are veterans.
  6. riverrat10k

    And Karl D. knocks anothe one out of the park

    http://www.market-ticker.org/akcs-www?post=216193 "Oh look what we have here! As a former prosecutor in Washington, D.C., who enforced firearms and ammunition cases while a severe local gun ban was still in effect, I am skeptical of the benefits that many imagine will result from additional...
  7. riverrat10k

    Yet again, I love my buddy in truth Karl Denniger

    http://www.market-ticker.org/akcs-www?post=216238 "Cuomo: Perform An Anatomically-Impossible Act You're a jackass. The abuse of a legally-infirm strategy ("pass it before you read it"; voiding of the 3 day NY legal waiting period on passage of introduced legislation) to pass legislation that...
  8. riverrat10k

    Governmet and you: Karl Denninger speaks the truth --Enjoy!

    "Chuck Schumer seems to be confused, as is documented here: On Sunday, Sen. Charles Schumer called on major gun retailers like Wal-Mart to suspend the sale of assault weapons temporarily. “In Florida alone, there were nearly 5,000 background checks requested on the day of Sandy Hook, as opposed...
  9. riverrat10k

    Lori Haas lies again, gets caught by Richmond Times Dispatch editors.

    http://www.timesdispatch.com/opinion/their-opinion/gun-deaths-still-too-high/article_5cca12b9-aee4-587d-b357-2882150c55c3.html "Unfortunately, Baker then dangles the straw man argument that “the numbers appear to contradict a long-running popular narrative that more guns cause more crime.”The...
  10. riverrat10k

    A Day Late--OC'ers shoot small birds! DOVE SEASON OPEN

    My annual reminder that hunting season is open once again. More armed folks out and about this time of year. Just a little situational awareness reminder from the Riverrat!
  11. riverrat10k

    Media bias about the defensive use of firearms

    Nice article that mentions the Appalachian College murders from a few years ago. One of the heroes gave a statement to 50 reporters per the article, but only a few mentioned in their writings that he and the other student were armed when they accosted the psycho. "Associated Press media...
  12. riverrat10k

    Who needs a gun in Bon Air?

    "A man was shot in the hand during a struggle with robbers after he had pulled his disabled vehicle into a parking lot in South Richmond early Wednesday, police said." http://www2.timesdispatch.com/news/2012/jul/19/tdmet02-crime-and-police-news-for-thursday-july-19-ar-2067587/ Of course, I...
  13. riverrat10k

    Va. Assoc. of Chiefs of Police call for background check on private sales?

    From the Richmond Times-Dispatch, Friday, May 18. http://www2.timesdispatch.com/news/oped/2012/may/18/tdopin02-clark-honor-fallen-police-heroes-by-preve-ar-1922853/#fbcomments Article is somewhat meandering. He talks about honoring the fallen officers and then gets to the meat about resticting...
  14. riverrat10k

    Another nice 2nd amdendment piece from Karl Denniger.

    Memo To Bloomberg: F*** Off (2nd Amendment) "For this reason if anything black people should be demanding that they all be able to carry openly or concealed as they choose at all times, which is every person's right as guaranteed (but not granted) by The Constitution -- period -- as they are...
  15. riverrat10k

    Refuting the "Old Man Club" label

    While driving back to the office on I-95 around lunchtime today, I saw a SUV with a "Guns Save Lives" magnet on the back. The driver was a black female and, by her licensce plate, it was her car! Go get 'em girl!
  16. riverrat10k

    Just had to post this somewhere. Nice letter to the editor.

    From the Richmond Times Dispatch Letters to the Editor: March 9. http://www2.timesdispatch.com/news/letters-to-the-editor/2012/mar/09/tdopin01-letters-to-the-editor-ar-1751568/ On food stamps and feeding programs Editor, Times-Dispatch: Isn't it ironic? The food stamp program, part of the...
  17. riverrat10k

    Elderly farmer near Bois D'Arc pulls gun on 3 thieves who came back for more

    "“He started climbing over the gate, and I told him not to climb over. He climbed over anyway, so I pulled a gun on him,” West said. http://www.petoskeynews.com/features/ky3-elderly-farmer-catches-3-thieves-on-his-property-20120308,0,3459274.story
  18. riverrat10k

    Just had to post me some Denninger...

    Ticker Guy opines on gas prices and economy. Five minutes worth listening to. http://market-ticker.org/akcs-www?post=202502
  19. riverrat10k

    Trigger happy police officer fires shots near student dorms

    "The suspect in Tuesday morning’s incident that prompted campus police to fire two shots turned himself in to the Henrico County jail Tuesday night, following a day-long search." " An officer fired two shots at O’Leary, one of them hitting a police car, though Grainger did not see them because...
  20. riverrat10k

    North Dakota proposes outlawing ALL property taxes!

    "North Dakota citizens may abolish property taxes, allowing them more control over government spending. Nearly 30,000 signatures were collected to place the people's initiative on the ballot in June, 2012 that would constitutionally abolish all property taxes in North Dakota." Be sure to check...