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    Constitutional amendment without congressional ratification?

    Something that I think we've all been saying for a long time is that we NEED term limits for the House and Senate. There are just too many 'conditioned monkeys' that just need to go in a bad way. It should have been part of the 22nd amendment, but there's no way that would have passed, which...
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    Statewide Preemtion another way?

    I was thinking about the "battle" for statewide preemption for OC, and wondered, since every time the subject comes up and/or a bill is introduced to get it, it gets shot down, what about getting it anohter way? How about having the wording of the current law allowing municipalities to restrict...
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    OC on Private Property

    imported post I live in "Unincorporated" St Charles. I know St Charles City says no to OC. I'm assuming that becsaue I'm in an "Unincorporated" area, state law applies and OC is legal. If it's not leagal at home, what's the legality of OC on your own property, or other private property where...
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    OC in/around Salisbury NC

    imported post I'm heading to Salsibury, NC tonight and will be taking my Sig. Since NC is an "Anomolus OC State", although I've been told the anomolies are few and far between, will I have any issues in or around Salisbury if I OC?
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    "Famous Maker" Scopes

    imported post Does anyone know anything about them? I'm looking at a FMT1040 or FMT832for my AR15 as the ATN scope I have kinda sucks... At full zoom @ 50yds, I had a HECK of a time focusing on the target, the reticle is not centered, and it changes with the zoom... How's the quality of the FM...
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    OC or CCW in the Appalachians

    imported post I will be going to North Carolina this spring for a wedding, after which my wife and I may end up hiking and or camping in the Appalachians with some friends. How much of the trails and such would fall under "National Parks" classification (thus "not allowed")? IMO, NOT having a...
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    OC in/around Murray

    imported post I noticed on the main page that KY is a "Gold Star" OC State. I'm assuming that the gold star means OC is OK everywhere with few, if any issues with LEO? Does anyone have any Experience in or around Murray? Now that my wife's done with college, the only thing I'd be going down...
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    Kentucky Pistol/SD Question

    imported post In Kentucky, you don't need any kind of license to posess a pistol, just to carry concealed, correct? My wife is in Murray, and this morning her bike was stolen. She said she nad her roommate have seen a "creepy" guy around the house, and her roommates fiance is missing two...
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    Was Approached in Wal Mart Today...

    imported post I was in the WalMart in O'Fallon on K a little while ago, and a guy approched me and asked for my ID. I think he was a LEO of some description, because he showed me something in his wallet that had what appeared to be a Sherriff "star" (not a badge though). He caught me when I was...
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    Besides resturants, where else have you OC'd? Grade your experience...

    imported post A thread was started like this (with the same name) in the Virginia forum. How about we do something similar for Missouri? So far, my first time OCing, I've been in two QT's (I think the guy behind the counter in the St Peters one was a little uneasy!). Anyone had experiences in...
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    OC Law references

    imported post I want to callO'Fallon PD to make sure the officers are aware of Missouri's Open carry laws, and that O'Fallon does not restrict Open Carry. Can someone point me to any references so I can have a law to reference. Thanks