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  1. Wolf_shadow

    NOVA Armory Sold

    NOVA Armory Sold to Store Manager Dennis R. Pratte, who opened Nova Armory in March under the business name of Broadstone Security, said he sold the business Aug. 19 http://virginiashootingsportsassociation.blogspot.com/2016/10/nova-armory-sold-to-store-manager.html?platform=hootsuite&m=1...
  2. Wolf_shadow

    Forbes lists DC second of gun friendly states

    Have they lost thier mind? http://www.forbes.com/sites/niallmccarthy/2015/01/05/americas-most-gun-friendly-states-infographic/ Sent using Tapatalk
  3. Wolf_shadow

    Firearms Policy on Corps of Engineers Controled Lands

    Will this ruling affect property in Virginia? Ruling by the United States District Court for the District of Idaho stops Army Corps of Engineers from enforcing no guns policy on Corps controlled lands. On 10 January, 2014, Judge B. Lynn Winmill of the United States District Court for the...
  4. Wolf_shadow

    Another good ruling

    DC ban on carry outside home unconstitutional. http://alangura.com/2014/07/victory-in-palmer-v-d-c/ sent using tapatalk
  5. Wolf_shadow

    Who Needs a Gun in a Hospital

    Who Needs a Gun in a Hospital? http://entertainment.verizon.com/news/read/article/the_associated_press-shooting_at_hospital_near_philadelphia_injures_3-ap While not VA specific Since we were discussing posted Virginia hospitals in another thread I thought this would be of interest here.
  6. Wolf_shadow

    Moms Demand Action after Target Now

  7. Wolf_shadow

    Who needs a gun at McDonalds

    Not a lot of information. One injured after shooting at McDonald's in York County http://www.wvec.com/news/York-County-police-investigate-shooting-at-McDonalds-239755561.html
  8. Wolf_shadow

    Hit MSN Poll

    Hit MSN Poll at MSN.COM. Numbers running against us now. :banghead: Would you prefer to go to an eatery that allows guns, or one that bans them? A restaurant that allows guns. 24 % A restaurant that allows guns. 27,916 votes A restaurant that bans guns. 48 %...
  9. Wolf_shadow

    Extra Legal Requirement for CHP in Accomack?

    One of the guys from my sportsman's club open carries all the time here on the shore (Not computer friendly). Anyway he told me today, when he went to get his CHP renewal they took his picture to be printed on the new CHP. Apparently the new card is plastic and they are putting your picture in...
  10. Wolf_shadow

    Survey from Scott Rigell

    I received this in email today. All in his district need to hit the survey. November 2011 Click here if you have trouble viewing this email Seeking "The Wisdom of the District" Do you support more or less regulation of firearms? ( ) More regulation ( ) Less...
  11. Wolf_shadow

    Problem with "Go To First New Post Buttons'

    Is anyone besides me having a problem with the Go To First New Post Buttons? When I click on the new post button it takes me to the top of the last page I have been to. Then I have to scroll down to find the new post I haven't read. And with my old brain sometimes I read a few old posts...
  12. Wolf_shadow

    Senate committee sets firearm regulatory reform hearing

    Senate committee sets firearm regulatory reform hearing http://judiciary.senate.gov/hearings/he ... fm?id=4771 “Firearms in Commerce: Assessing the Need for Reform in the Federal Regulatory Process” Senate Judiciary Committee Full Committee DATE: September 14, 2010 TIME: 10:00 AM ROOM...
  13. Wolf_shadow

    Shots fired on Eastern Shore

    imported post Shots were fired at the Onley Food Lion and Wine Rack on the Eastern Shore Saturday afternoon. Although not listed in the article I know EMS personnel were dispatched to the Wine Rack for a gun shot to the arm. Incidents like this are becoming more common here also.:cuss...
  14. Wolf_shadow

    Anti's think more laws will help. (wtkr - Suffolk)

    imported post Suffolk man charged with shooting at ex-girlfriend's home. http://www.wtkr.com/news/wtkr-suffolk-man-shoots-at-girlfriends-home,0,1384797.story When will the Anti bunch and bleeding heartslearn CRIMINALS DON"T CARE ABOUT THE LAWS:banghead::banghead:
  15. Wolf_shadow

    Problem with CHP Renewal

    imported post I went to the Accomack Court Clerk's office today to take in my renewal application. I handed the lady the application along with a photo copy of my current CHP. The conversation went: C) You need to put your SS # on here. M) No that is not required. C) That's what they use for...
  16. Wolf_shadow

    Citizens searched at Gloucester supervisors meeting

    imported post Are the Supervisors so afraid of their constituents they want to exclude all guns and weapons from the meeting? http://www.wtkr.com/news/wtkr-gl-search-court,0,2327040.story GLOUCESTER — Citizens attending tonight's Board of Supervisors meeting at the Colonial Courthouse will be...
  17. Wolf_shadow

    Virginia Assistant Attorney General Arrested

    imported post http://www.wavy.com/dpp/news/local_wavy_norfolk_assistantattorneygeneralarrested_20090220 Aren't these the same people who Gov. Kane fells are able to carry without a CHP?
  18. Wolf_shadow

    Second Amendment March

    imported post Found this on another discussion board. 2nd amendment march in Washington DC in the spring of 2010 and other cities through out the country. To get more information than I can give you go tohttp://www.secondamendmentmarch.com/ :lol:
  19. Wolf_shadow

    Roses Department Store's - Criminal Safe Zone

    imported post Went to Roses Department store here on the EasternShore last night and saw a new no firearms sign on front of store. Also the wording on the sign appears to say theythink they control the parking lot and surrounding area of the strip mall. Wonder what other stores there think...
  20. Wolf_shadow

    Reply from Senator Northam

    imported post I received this reply from Senator Northam regarding action item: I urge you to pre-file two bills for gun owners this year. Both bills give trained concealed handgun permit holders the same carry rights as an untrained and off-duty state lawyer based on a bill (SB 776) that you...