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    Ohioans for Concealed Carry's Party in the Park

    I know this is an open carry forum but Ohioans for Concealed Carry promotes both forms of carry and if you want to get involved with an Ohio pro-gun organization please check us out and join us at our annual Party in the Park where not only members, but people from all over the state come to...
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    Gun belt's

    I've always carried a light single stack using a thick leather belt for the most part but am trying to carry a double stack 9mm XD mod 2, 3" ,(and sometimes a 4"), and am finding out now that the leather belts I'm using aren't good enough for the heavier mod 2's. I've went back and read a few...
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    Will a "Sneaky Pete" holster pass for concealment in Florida?

    I know this may be a rather odd question, but I live in Ohio and normally don't conceal, but I'll be visiting Florida in a few weeks. Question is, will a holster like the "Sneaky Pete", which completely covers/encases the firearm, pass as legally concealing in your state, (Florida)?
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    Does grandstands = a building, during a county fair

    I usually attend the Wayne an Tuscarawas County Fairs. Wayne is not posted, (and it shouldn't be) but the Tusc. Co. fair IS, I'll be calling the fair board soon to get this fixed (hopefully w/o any problems). Now my question is this, I know the buildings will be off limits but is or would...
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    International Cart. CO. (frangible, lead free ammo.) opinions?

    On the frangible lead-free ammo produced by International Cartridge Co. in PA. .......think it's a copper jacketed "tin" bullet, instead of lead. It's almost about the same price as the more common rd nose ammo but alot cheaper than the self-defense specific ammo In 45acp they offer...
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    Is there a Blackhawk Serpa style type holster out there for the XDs pistal yet?

    I prefer this style of holster for the 1911 I carry from time to time. Springfield Armory supplies an adj. tension style holster, but I prefer a holster that locks onto the trigger gard, like the Blackhawk serpa does, especially when carry'in openly........anyone?........thanks in advance.