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Search results

  1. crdonov


    Does anyone know where I can buy a ar upper in 5.45x39???
  2. crdonov

    Moca website

  3. crdonov

    Nra raffle

    has a winner been picked for the bushmaster acr???
  4. crdonov

    radio interveiw

    forrest you did a great job!!! listened to the whole thing. hopefully it will open up some eyes for those who were listening. keep up the good work!! xd-over
  5. crdonov


    who won the bushmaster that the nra was raffling off??????? xd-over
  6. crdonov

    Moca menbership

    just wondering when you think the moca membership app will be ready? xd-out
  7. crdonov

    Buying handguns

    how old do you have to be to buy a handgun?
  8. crdonov

    State parks

    is there any laws on open carry in a state park. the state park im thinking about is fort williams in cape elizabeth. can anyone give me some info? again, great time in sanford.
  9. crdonov

    Maine open carry

    well it was very nice to have a texan in sanford maine for our open carry trash pickup! open carried with him in a local conveint store. sorry but i forgot his name, but real nice gentlman. hopefully he will come back soon and open carry with us again. your always welcome to maine. sucks you...
  10. crdonov

    Situation in sanford a few weeks ago

    whats the deal with the gentleman who was detained at gunpoint in sanford?
  11. crdonov

    voice recorder

    whats a good inexpensive voice recorder!
  12. crdonov

    successful open carry at portland fireworks

    a freind of of mine, and his family went to the fourth fireworks in portland. my freind was open carrying, and to his surprise he wasnt bothered by any ppd, or by any other people at the fireworks. he said that ppd kept a good eye on him, but left him alone. well one more successful open carry...
  13. crdonov

    waiting period when buying a handgun?

    imported post freind of mine, just purchased a handgun. he had to wait 3 days before he received it. he bought the handgun in maine. i bought a handgun at cabelas 3 months ago, walked with gun in 15 mins. whats up with the 3 day waiting period? thought BRADY BILL WAS DEAD?