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    And to think I was scared of the sheep..

    imported post Well tonight was a low-key night, however, I said to myself I had to start somewhere and tonight might as well have been it. First I went to the sbux in Media, where I know most of the girls that work there. Not a second glance, not a word. If they knew, they didn't care. It was a...
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    Would you do it.. in a bank?

    imported post Admittedly, I do all my money handling through ATMs. I have CCW'd (my own ignorance in planning) through the metal detectors in a certain bank (I guess they were off?) near me. Anybody ever try to OC in a bank? I'm not sure I'd have the courage.
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    Gun seizure / "A totally true story"

    imported post Went shooting today at my favorite spot, Target master (down rt 202 near the DE border). After the fact I was browsing their counters and spending more money than my discretion would normally endure, I struck up a conversation with the guy behind the counter. Now I've known him...