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  1. markush

    visiting Myrtle Beach area have transporting ?'s

    Hi, I'll be visiting from WI. shortly and want to ask if it is still ok to transport loaded in an unlocked center console? If pulled over do I have to inform that that firearm is in the center console? My searches pulled up posts that answered those questions but they were from several years ago.
  2. markush

    Racine Zoo 'splain this to me please

    Racine Zoo are they posted? The wife wants to go to the Racine Zoo so I searched "Racine Zoo" here and all I could find was a post from 2010 talking about open carry and a liqueur license. This is per the Zoo website....."Per Racine Municipal Ordinance 70-79, no persons except for police...
  3. markush

    WAVE wants lists of concealed carry holders made available to public

    I was "duped" into reading this on another forum, the post didn't mention WAVE. If it did I wouldn't have even opened the link. I see it's from today and it's not posted here yet so have fun with it...
  4. markush

    Received revised training cert...I'm not so confidant it meets the emergency rules

    I just received my revised training certificate that is supposed to have all the information to satisfy the DOJ's Emergency rules. I talked to the instructor as soon as the emergency rules were signed by Walker and was told he was going to wait before reissuing Certificates so he could be sure...
  5. markush

    question about new information needed on training certificate

    I was able to find the instructor that issued my training certificate several years ago and he is willing to amend it with the new information that the DOJ requires but i have a question about one of the requirements. My question is about 17.05 (2) (h) on lines 216-220. In short is says...a...