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  1. Super Saiyan

    Carrying In Parks/While Urban Fishing

    I haven't been to a local park in quite some time, but I do remember that the last time I'd been, there was signage posted stating that firearms are prohibited. I believe this was at a park in NE Mesa. With that in mind, I plan to put my urban fishing license to good use and do some fishing at...
  2. Super Saiyan

    Carrying Crossdraw

    Due to back pain that is focused entirely on my right side and which is extremely amplified by carrying at the 3 o'clock position, I have been thinking about carrying in the crossdraw position. I tried it out the other day with great results, but it will take some getting used to as well as a...
  3. Super Saiyan

    Visiting Soon - Any Advice?

    Hello, I will be visiting/passing through New Mexico in two weeks and will be traveling by car from AZ. I have my AZ CCW permit and am planning to CC the entire time I'm in NM. Just wondering if anyone could offer some general advice/guidelines for an out-of-stater concerning carry and anything...
  4. Super Saiyan

    Visiting Texas - Any Advice?

    Hello, I will be visiting Texas in two weeks and will be traveling by car from AZ. I have my AZ CCW permit and am planning to CC the entire time I'm in Texas. Just wondering if anyone could offer some general advice/guidelines for an out-of-stater concerning carry and anything in particular to...
  5. Super Saiyan

    Buffalo Wild Wings in Gilbert

    Stopped by the Buffalo Wild Wings in Gilbert at 970 South Gilbert Rd. earlier this evening, and discovered a gun buster sign upon entry. I immediately left and drove down to Chili's instead.
  6. Super Saiyan

    Sprint Stores = No OC/CC?

    Does anyone know what's up with the Sprint stores here in the Valley? Some have the gun buster stickers at their front doors, and others do not. I'm guessing that perhaps these stores are franchised and certain locations are pro and others are con? I contacted Sprint and got an apology in...
  7. Super Saiyan

    Staples in Gilbert: Not Firearm Friendly

    Stopped by the Staples at Warner & Val Vista today and saw the epic failure, "No Firearms Allowed Pursuaint to ARS 4-229" sign being (incorrectly) displayed at the front door. Turned right back around, got in my car, and drove down the street to Officemax. This is the first time I've seen a sign...
  8. Super Saiyan

    Conversation About Campus Carry In AZ

    So I had a conversation with someone the other day concerning campus carry here in Arizona. This particular individual didn't like the idea because according to him, the police won't know who the actual shooter is and there will be complete chaos. If you've heard this ridiculous excuse yourself...
  9. Super Saiyan

    Maricopa County SE Library - No Weapons Allowed/Secured Storage Issue

    Stopped by the Maricopa County Library in Gilbert a couple of weeks ago and noticed that they are posted, "No weapons Allowed." They do not offer temporary secure storage that I could find, and I looked kept my eyes open while I walked around. Aren't political subdivisions of the State, such as...
  10. Super Saiyan

    Black Bear Diner

    My wife and I had breakfast at Black Bear Diner yesterday, and on the way out I noticed a 'cute' sign of a star-man character with a pistol on his belt, which stated "No Open Carry." Black Bear does serve alcohol, so therefore OCing would be illegal there regardless, at least as I understand the...
  11. Super Saiyan

    "Assault clips...they make everyone a target." <----Ridiculous

    Here's a link to the Brady's latest scare campaign video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=62Va-Ll2vKw You just have to love the scary, evil music that they have playing in the background. Add the strange guy shooting with the menacing, 'I'm a serial killer' look on his face, and you have an...
  12. Super Saiyan


    Hi, I've been reading threads on the forum for a while now and figured I should just join up and start sharing with ya'll. Looking forward to reading a lot of stories and sharing a plethora of information.