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  1. gunns

    Anyone heading to Saint Paul Capital steps on 12 Noon on Saturday the 19th?

    Nutnfancy on youtube is calling on people to demonstrate on the 19th. I plan on going even if I am standing there by myself.
  2. gunns

    Border protection system and solution

    Interesting. A cheaper solution then the fence and nearly 100% reliable? Obvious that Dems and Reps don't want to really fix our border problems. http://www.cbn.com/cbnnews/us/2012/June/Outdated-Border-Patrol-Hurting-US-Security/
  3. gunns

    What will you do if Obama wins re-election?

    Not looking for flames here. No rants or raves about any candidate. Plain, short and simple. Do you have plans if Obama wins re-election? Same o same o or what? My plan: I am taking two weeks vacation starting on election day. I am voting and going to my bug out location and spending my...
  4. gunns

    End Stand Your Ground

    Bet that got your attention. I ran into this while visiting CNN. This sums up the anti pretty well. http://religion.blogs.cnn.com/2012/03/28/my-ethics-stand-your-ground-laws-are-invitation-to-kill/?hpt=hp_bn13
  5. gunns

    Open Carry In Shakopee March 24th weekend

    Well the weather was great here in Shakopee, MN so I open carried everywhere I went. It was my first open carry to other locals this year, mainly because it was too hot for another layer to conceal. All places mentioned are in Shakopee proper. Open Carried in Cub, Taco Bell (Ya needed my...
  6. gunns

    Can I get an email if someone replies to me?

    How do I get a notice that someone has replied to me in these posts?
  7. gunns

    Looking for shoulder holsters for HK USP & Walther PPS both 9mm

    I know they are both odd hand guns, at least as far as I can tell on these forums. But I like shooting both and I am pretty dang good at it. The USP is a dream, don't even know I shot it when it goes off. So I am looking for shoulder holsters for both. I already have my OC holster for the...
  8. gunns

    Moving to NM and have some questions

    My wife and I really like it in NM. We have been there several times just cruising around and staying here and there on vacation. I haven't decided on any given spot as yet. I am pretty open as to where to move to since I can work remotely. My only requirements are Internet connectivity and...
  9. gunns

    Has anyone used a zShades?

    Interesting. Seems expensive, but I could use new sun glasses anyway. Has anyone used these? http://www.zetronix.com/Hidden-Video-Camera-Spy-Sunglasses/c61/8GB-High-Definition-Video-Covert-Recording-Spy-Sun-Glasses(188)/product_info.html
  10. gunns

    Hello - New to this forum

    Hello everyone. I am new to this forum and find this forum to be more interesting then others I have found. Former Marine who was into hunting as much as possible and now is exercising his right to bear arms. Not into Open Carry so much but have done so on occasion only due to circumstance...