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  1. BigDave

    Some Schools will have armed officials in Yakima County

    Finally the beginning of arming some school administrators to be first responders. http://www.yakimaherald.com/home/2222040-8/toppenish-schools-will-have-armed-officials-this-fall Fireworks are sure to come out of this announcement.
  2. BigDave

    Gun Range requiring qualification prior to shooting...

    Today I went with Nick to Kittitas Trading Company which has the only indoor range with in 30 miles of here and something new, we were required to qualify before being let loose to shoot on the range. Reasoning we were told was behind it as to the destruction of range equipment that believed...
  3. BigDave

    Private Messages

    I do not know if others are having trouble with accessing personal messages, I have 3 reported message but unable to access them, who ever sent them know that I have not responded because I am unable to read them. If it is important enough contact me through my email dapoling@gmail.com Dave
  4. BigDave

    ArmaLite Demonstration to disprove magazine capacity myth

    ArmaLite made a video which was supervised by Boone County, Ind. Sheriff Ken Campbell in an attempt to disprove the myth that less magazine capacity would make a difference in multiple victims attacks. Take time to view this video but before doing so, keep in mind their rate of fire. Clearly...
  5. BigDave

    Looking for Open Carry Work?

    I know some on here are looking for work, Norpoint Facebook Page has this announcement HELP WANTED: Looking for a MOTIVATED, ENTHUSIASTIC, PERSON to work Full Time at Indoor Gun Range. MUST BE 21 or older, CURRENT CPL REQUIRED, (THOSE WITHOUT ONE NEED NOT APPLY) along with INTERMEDIATE or...
  6. BigDave

    Yakima County Law Enforcement talking with School Adminstrators about Armed Teachers.

    Today law enforcement in Yakima County are talking with School Administrators about having a teacher in school who is trained and carry in school for protection. No new laws need to be enacted just that a teacher needs to be trained in firearms as a law enforcement officer. Finally some...
  7. BigDave

    Fire threat stops target practice, not hunting

    KIMA did a story on LT Murray Wildlife Area and interviewed a member of the Department of Fish and Wildlife but it appears they both cited the law incorrectly. http://www.kimatv.com/home/video/Fire-threat-stops-target-practice-not-hunting-172389911.html I contacted the Director's Office of WDFW...
  8. BigDave

    Seahawks fans will be searched with handheld metal detector

    I was hoping they would not resort to this ! I am sure everyone is aware of how dangerous it can be walking to and from your car at a professional sporting event, The Tuba Man Ed McMichael what was killed comes to mind.
  9. BigDave

    Homeland Security Video, Run, Hide, Fight.

    While the video does not address the issue of an armed citizen in this situation, I would hope friends or family if not armed follow this advice. While many I have talked to subscribed to the concept of defending family and friends first and foremost which could range from run, hide or fight...
  10. BigDave

    Shelton Rino spotted in Yakima Resturant

    Not sure if he was a member on the forum here but I was sitting having breakfast with friends when he walked in and approached the waitress (good kid) and she saw his open carry piece and stated "I don't think you can have that thing in here, it's a bar" and he proclaimed that if it was an area...
  11. BigDave

    Can you see what is coming down the pipe?

    Seattle Council to be briefed on violent weekend No doubt this will likely end up in some attempt by Seattle to restrict firearms beyond their ability and for those open carrying and walking the streets of Seattle, take someone with you as a witness.
  12. BigDave

    Exercising Rights Have Great Responsibilities

    Just over this weekend in Seattle alone Man shot near Seattle Center Homeowner shot in chest during robbery 60+ rounds fired in four Seattle drive-by shootings Man shot near Seattle and of course during the Folk Life Festival which had a similar incident a few years ago. There is really...
  13. BigDave

    Yakima County block watch captains not allowed to carry guns, WHAT !

    I was rather shocked to see on KIMA TV in Yakima County did a report on how being armed in Block Watch Programs Are Not Allowed by Yakima County !!!!! And here I thought I had all the issues concerning firearms dealt with here but apparently there is someone in Yakima or the County that do not...
  14. BigDave

    Who is Willing to Step up to the Plate and Take a Swing?

    With this New Court of Appeals Decision Concerning Parks in Seattle in the arsenal, who out there is going to take up the cause to clear up local city and county ordinances on firearms issues? Or is there just more talk then action when it comes to standing up for our rights. :eek: :shocker: If...
  15. BigDave

    Is this considered a Pistol and is in violationg of State Vs Casad ?

    State_v_Casad_(unpublished).pdf Felon with rifle arrested at Westlake Park Posted by Sgt. Sean Whitcomb On October 17th at around 6:03 p.m., West Precinct bicycle patrol officers assigned to the Occupy Seattle demonstration at Westlake Park made contact with a 40-year old man carrying a rifle...
  16. BigDave

    Man says SPD conceals dashcam videos, launches website to help defendants

    http://www.king5.com/news/cities/seattle/Man-sues-says-SPD-conceals-dash-cam-videos-131237804.html Here is a tool that Open/Concealed Carriers can search the Seattle PD for their Police Videos to include for their responses. http://seattlepolicevideo.com/ I am sure many remember a while back...
  17. BigDave

    And There i Was, Surrounded

    By gun toting crazy gun loving activities in the Puget Sound Area (East of the Bay) better known as Starbuxk in Federal Way. It was a cloudy with a little sunshine peeking threw as a handful of the Open Carry Dot Org Crew showed up. With several people scurring about like nothing was taking...
  18. BigDave

    Lawmakers pass ban on openly carrying unloaded gun

    One Giant Step Backwards in CA, this is a shame and hopefully will be challenged and over turned quickly upon coming into law.
  19. BigDave

    Selah, WA man shot and killed by Police

    On 5/18/2011 a young man lost it and threatened several people in his home in Selah, WA just North of Yakima. He was shooting a shotgun and had a pistol from the house and then turned his fire upon police once they arrived. At one point he was running around outside in the dark and was...
  20. BigDave

    Yakima Open Carrier MWAG Call

    This afternoon I was headed back home and a call went out for a MWAG at 1st and I Street, AM PM store, then followed information concerning a domestic argument was occurring. So I stopped and watched to see the participants yelling and being animated about their actions and noticed one male open...