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  1. TFred

    Lobby Day 2020: The Don "Peter Nap" Litton Memorial Latrine

    Among the hundreds of pictures published from Lobby Day 2020, none provoked more thought and recollection for me than these. It saddens me to consider how our friend Don would be feeling were he here to be fighting alongside us today, but I suppose it was folks like him who helped to delay that...
  2. TFred

    GunSenseUS Threatening PA Sheriffs if They Don’t Disclose Confidential License to Carry Firearms Applicant Information

    FYI... GunSenseUS Threatening PA Sheriffs if They Don’t Disclose Confidential License to Carry Firearms Applicant Information Posted on October 17, 2019 by Joshua Prince, Esq. It recently came to my attention that GunSenseUS – in direct violation of Pennsylvania law – is...
  3. TFred

    That "pointy finger" again...

    I think somehow, somewhere, Skidmark is getting a good chuckle out of this one. TFred St. Louis Man Uses ‘Finger Gun’ to Stop a Fleeing Suspect
  4. TFred

    Pennsylvania channeling Surry County?

    This might bring back some memories... TFred Pennsylvania court rules that man's 'gun-like hand gesture' is a crime
  5. TFred

    2019 Special Session Bills Starting to Appear

    The first two bills of the 2019 Special Session of the General Assembly have been posted to the LIS site. They are both PRO-gun-rights bills, submitted by our good friend Mark Cole. HB 4001 Right to keep and bear arms. HB 4002 Carrying concealed handgun with a permit; employees of any agency...
  6. TFred

    Case to watch: Cheeseman v. Polillo, Chief of Police, City of Glassboro, New Jersey, et al.

    This case was just granted a docket at the Supreme Court. They've filed a Petition for Writ of Certiorari, asking SCOTUS to take the case. They're hitting all the buttons that the lower courts have really messed up since Heller. The petition is worth the read. TFred Cheeseman v. Polillo...
  7. TFred

    VCDL Meeting in Fredericksburg - Tuesday July 2, 2019

    Most here have probably already seen this in the VA-ALERT, but just in case... A somewhat rare VCDL meeting in Fredericksburg tomorrow night. At least one, and possibly two local Delegates are planning to attend. TFred VCDL membership meeting in Fredericksburg on Tuesday, July 2 VCDL will...
  8. TFred

    Does anyone know what happened to the Virginia1774 website?

    There was a website, Virginia1774 dot org (DO NOT TRY TO GO THERE, the site is abandoned, and it appeared to try to send me malware!) They hosted a library of civil liberty references, history, court cases, and documents. The last reference on this forum is from 2012. Anybody have any idea...
  9. TFred

    Refresh My Memory: When a Jurisdiction Leases to a Private Organization

    I seem to recall that it's been established that if a jurisdiction leases their real property to a private organization, that is essentially a loophole to the Preemption statute (§ 15.2-915) which ordinarily prevents the jurisdiction from regulating "the purchase, possession, transfer...
  10. TFred

    Voice Recording Smartphone Apps

    There's a three-year old sticky thread here that briefly covers voice recorders, but I'd like to branch that conversation a little bit. There are dozens of smartphone apps for voice recording but I have barely begun research on which might be best for the kind of use we would typically want...
  11. TFred

    Current Status of Heller II?

    With the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, comes enhanced scrutiny on his dissenting opinion in the case commonly known as "Heller II." Strangely, I cannot seem to find any information about that case after the ruling from the DC Circuit Court of Appeals in December 2011. Was...
  12. TFred

    Am I Free to Go?

    "Am I free to go?" The magic question we have all been taught to use to ascertain whether or not we are technically under arrest. But apparently in Stafford County, they have invented the magic land of NOT being detained, but also NOT free to go - at the same time! Unfortunately, this story...
  13. TFred

    Preemption: Field vs. Conflict

    Interesting case out of Michigan about their preemption law. My question will be, is there a similar distinction in Virginia? Apparently the Michigan case came down to a difference between "field preemption" and "conflict preemption." Whether there is a similar distinction in Virginia or not...
  14. TFred

    Spotsylvania Sheriff's Department Executes "No-Knock" Warrant

    While not specifically "open" carry related, there's hardly an issue today that is not more critical to the right to keep and bear arms for self-defense than the continued use of "no-knock" warrants by our law-enforcement agencies. I know User has always railed against them, and rightly so...
  15. TFred

    Drama in the General Assembly Today? Rejected Amendments to HB 1853.

    Anyone following today's actions in the Senate of Virginia? Unfortunately, when they start debating bills on the floor, unless you are watching, it can be difficult to tell what's going on. The LIS provides a window into what happened, but misses the dialog and drama that sometimes goes with...
  16. TFred

    U.S. Representative Massie Forms the Congressional Second Amendment Caucus

    Virginia's Dave Brat is a founding member. We need to push for other Virginia Representatives to join as well! TFred U.S. Representative Massie Forms the Congressional Second Amendment Caucus Excerpts from article: Press release: WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, a group of U.S. Representatives...
  17. TFred

    McClellan to run for Senate

    The annual "library ban" Delegate has decided to run for McEachin's Senate seat. TFred Del. Jennifer McClellan to run for Virginia Senate RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Del. Jennifer McClellan (D-Richmond) announced Monday morning her plan to run for Virginia Senate. McClellan was elected to the...
  18. TFred

    Sort-of "Pro-OC" Column in the Free Lance-Star (Fredericksburg)

    Probably just trying to provoke a lot of angry comments... and pump up the ad-click revenue... but for what it's worth... starts off with some just plain wrong premises, but in the end, pretty much advocates for open carry over concealed carry. Is it snowing? TFred DONNIE JOHNSTON: Revealed...
  19. TFred

    Voluntary Background Checks at Gun Shows

    I thought there might have been a report on this already, but I couldn't find one. Today is August 7th, so we're one month and one week into the new law requiring the VSP to set up voluntary background checks at gun shows. I have read reports from an earlier show that there had been THREE...
  20. TFred

    Fairfax PD clarifies a citizen's right to film police activity

    The headline on this article is fairly misleading. The headline"policy" is for the FPD officers, instructing them that generally citizens have the right to film or record. I guess headline shockers generate ad-click revenue. At first glance, seems like a good policy. TFred New guidelines...