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  1. HP995

    Made in the good old USA!

    Lovin' me some tariffs. (y) (Economy, industry, military, our rights and freedoms - all connected.) 🇺🇸 https://www.marketwatch.com/story/us-tariff-deadline-looms-for-chinese-goods-but-hike-wont-take-effect-for-weeks-2019-05-09
  2. HP995

    Powerful Ministry

  3. HP995

    Navy Command master chief canned for politics or ... ?

    Stated (fake) reason: told sailors to “clap like we’re at a strip club” - supposedly considered "inappropriate" I'm not buying that for a moment. Not something I would say myself, but harmless in context and tamer than any PG TV show dialog produced for several decades. Spoken to sailors, not...
  4. HP995

    Prez is "woke" about social media censorship

    Some good tweets from the Donald today including:
  5. HP995

    Have gun, will travel

    "In Tennessee, a husband and wife were disturbed at night by banging noises against their house. Concerned, the husband armed himself with his shotgun 🤠 and opened his door 🚪 to find two men (later identified as brothers) waiting there. The homeowner ordered the men to go away. Pushing his way...
  6. HP995

    Make some noise to quiet things down (Congress/suppressors)

    GOA encourages pressure on Congress for the "SHUSH" Act: https://gunowners.org/take-action-to-completely-deregulate-suppressors/ via their form or your own methods. (Looks hard to pass with Dem House, same problem with RINOS when Repubs lead by only a narrow margin. A good incentive to vote...
  7. HP995

    AR and AK Handguns

    AR versus AK is pretty much an obligatory traditional gun discussion topic. We CANNOT discuss long gun carry here per the rules, so to respect the rules please keep discussion to AK/AR handguns if your comment is in the context of carrying. AR and AK handguns used to be pretty rare but are now...
  8. HP995

    NRA-ILA: The more things change...

    "Chris W. Cox has served as the executive director of the NRA Institute for Legislative Action, the political and lobbying arm of the National Rifle Association, since 2002." https://www.nraila.org/about/chris-cox-nra/ "Directing NRA’s nationwide legislative and political efforts, Cox develops...
  9. HP995

    Hoosier Daddy?

    "The Kokomo, Ind., resident was getting into his car 🚗 when a suspicious man wearing a bandana entered his car without warning. 🖐🤪 The driver armed himself with his firearm and informed the suspect he was armed. 🔫 This did not deter the would-be carjacker, who pulled out a handgun of his own. 🔫💩...
  10. HP995

    Strange armed church incident - veteran, journalist

    So a lady walks into church holding a baby and waving a gun.... https://www.nbcsandiego.com/news/local/San-Diego-Clairemont-Mount-Everest-Academy-508872641.html Congregation members got her under control. No casualties. Also interned and freelanced with local news! I wondered if this was...
  11. HP995

    Sorry, no cigarettes!

    One good thing the NRA does: The Armed Citizen® 🤠 "Outside, there was an unknown man who was demanding to be let inside for a cigarette. 🚬 The homeowner refused to provide entry and told the man to leave the premises. 🛑 Undeterred, the trespasser stated that he was coming inside anyway and...
  12. HP995

    Constitutional Economics

    NRA Annual Membership: $45 (if undiscounted) 🥶 Supports: NFA, ERPO and Bump Ban with fun Backtrack/Denial + Kewl Bling! 🥶 https://membership.nra.org/Join/Annuals https://home.nra.org/joint-statement GOA Annual Membership: $20 😍 Supports: Constitutional Carry, Suppressors, Second Amendment...
  13. HP995

    Ditch Common Law & Constitution on cultural grounds?

    It's almost like sci-fi and unthinkable, but this was in tonight's news: https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/opinion/op-eds/trial-by-jury-presumption-of-innocence-whats-biden-got-against-the-english-law The author may be taking Biden a little out of context...
  14. HP995

    New Sheriff in Town? "Oliver North takes on red flag laws"

    Newsmax is teasing an interview with Ollie on the big one - ERPO. NRA has been so wimpy for so long, my jaw just about hit the floor. 🤪 Are those old boys fixin' to grow a muscle? It's a hopeful thought. A strong NRA could do some real good. Unfortunately nothing solid yet until said...
  15. HP995

    Presidential Message on School Safety

    Trump's anniversary statement mentions bumpban and ERPO: A thorough mix of some okay (maybe) and some very bad ideas, and the resulting policies. I didn't quote all of them. Notes: NRA not mentioned as part of the origins and/or promotion of some bad ideas, but the part they played in bumpban...
  16. HP995

    Opposing ERPO Red Flag Law(lessnes)s

    ERPO is part of the Triad and a potential threat to anyone. These "temporarily" bypass due process for the supposed sake of safety. Heavily promoted post-Parkland. GOA seems to be on top of the issue: https://gunowners.org/emergency-confiscation-is-easy-target-in-new-gun-control-congress.htm...
  17. HP995

    Gun Control Will Only Happen if We Let It Happen

    I'm sharing two articles that caught my eye right before the big Midterms vote. This first one is pretty dark, it gives you a glimpse of the latest anti-gun psychological tactics targeting young people: "Gun Control Will Only Happen if Gun Families Make It Happen"...
  18. HP995

    Does your dog know the 4 rules?

    "How a man survived after his dog shot him on a hunting trip" https://www.lcsun-news.com/story/news/local/community/2018/10/30/dog-shoots-man-hunting-accident-las-cruces/1824498002/ Between Tex and his hunting dog, one or both of them got careless on gun safety. Don't drive with your shotgun...
  19. HP995

    Don't be "October Surprised" - Stand Firm for 2A, Constitution, Country

    It's very convenient timing for today's poorly-spelled dangerous packages mailed to Progressive politicians. I see most conservative politicians and commentators are waiting for more intel before calling it, but Rush strongly hinted he suspects a Progressive plot...
  20. HP995

    Midterms are here: Gun org ratings, Rights vs Gun control

    Almost time to vote. For early and mail-in voting, it's probably already time! GOA emailed members this week, they posted ratings here: https://gunowners.org/ratings/ NRA ratings here (I guess you have to enter address): https://www.nrapvf.org/grades/ (I like individual ratings, but the GOP...