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    Looking for a good "Handgun Basics" in Clearfield area

    Just as the title says, actually. My new bride and my stepchildren are showing a huge interest in shooting, but none of them have ever squeezed a trigger on anything more than a squirt gun, except for one of my stepdaughters who is the top marksman in her school for air rifle. They're not...
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    BREAKING: USSC Declares NFA Unconstitutional, Abolished

    You do know what day it is, right?
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    What gun was used in the ferguson shooting

    IMO, the type of gun that was used makes no difference. That said, the following screenshot is from a local news source: Pay special attention to the second paragraph. MSM strikes again.
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    Unicorn sighting - Fallon

    Walmart, around 1:05 pm. Checkout lane 6. Male, mid 30's, approx 6', approx 190 lbs., short dark hair, plaid flannel shirt. OCing a 1911 in a dark colored snap retention holster, Condition 3.
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    "Perceived Carry Decoys" No, Really. You've got to see this stuff.

    Gee whiz, folks! Doesn't anyone see how well this would compliment a CCW badge? /sarc
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    Puyallup-Area Indoor Ranges That Rent?

    A good friend of mine is looking to get his first handgun, but not quite sure what he wants to get as yet. It'll be for target practice and HD, and he'll be looking to get his CHL so he can OC as well after he's comfortable with his purchase. Are there any recommended ranges in the Puyallup...
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    Silver Springs Family Dollar carry issues

    At 1 p.m. today I went into the above named store for smokes and soda. I was OC. Set my soda on the counter, and the following conversation ensued: Cashier: "Are you law enforcement or carry a badge?" Me: "No ma'am, just a law abiding citizen." Cashier: "Ah I see. Well, we don't allow...
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    The one time I wasn't OC...

    ...And I bump into a Unicorn. I had just finished an all-day adventure helping move a family member who just happens to be a Prohibited Person out of their place, so I wasn't carrying, didn't have time to even stop home to clean up, arm up, etc. and had been asked to slip past the local (and...
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    What was your introduction to OC?

    I mean besides LEO, security, Reenactors, etc. For me it was Spring of '93. I had just arrived in Carson City from the SF Bay Area and stopped at a Chevron for smokes and sodas. Went to pay and there stood a guy in front of me wearing a black cowboy rig and had a case of beer in each hand...
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    Clearfield OC "Weather"

    If luck's with me, I'll be visiting my GF next month in, you guessed it, Clearfield. The last time I was out there I hadn't started OC'ing yet. Did the usual touristy stuff (Browning museum, a preserve at Salt Lake, you know the drill). GF says I can only bring my EDC with me if I let her...
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    Positive Experience with Lyon County Sheriff Office

    Last night I had to file a police report. The responding officer was Deputy Brantingham of the Silver Springs substation. After the report was filled out, I asked him how he felt about citizens open carrying handguns. I don’t remember his exact words, but he basically stated he didn’t much care...
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    *withdrawn* Found my answer.
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    Long time lurker, just joined today.

    After reading the Nevada threads for about a year I finally said "what the heck" and registered on the site. At this point all I have is a holster suitable for range use (cruddy nylon, velcro thumb break), so I OC around the house/property and out in the desert when getting range time. As soon...