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  1. K

    Universal M-1

    Anyone have any insight on this rifle? One is up for auction soon and I may be interested but I have no idea what may be a fair price. What I have found so far puts it between 250 and 350. Picture seems to show it in good shape.
  2. K

    My trip to VA

    Was uneventful as far as open carry went. I went up to Montross from East TN up I-81 to I-64 and around Richmond then out to Montross. Every place I stopped no one looked twice. No one cared enough to say anything either way. Lovely area.
  3. K


    OC'd at Yoder's Market and Deli in Bulls Gap (exit 23 off I-81, then west on 11E) yesterday. No one said a thing. It was very busy with people out enjoying the wonderful day and a good sandwich from their deli. If you haven't been there the deli is worth going for alone. Great place.
  4. K

    The Outlets at Oklahoma City

    Wife and I are passing thru OKC and we stopped at the outlets off I-40 at Council. Pulling into the parking lot there is a gun buster sign, "private property, no firearms". OK, so I have mine on me in the truck, look at my wife and say that we can't shop here. She also carries so she tells me...
  5. K

    traveling through out the state

    Wife and I will be RVing through out the state and I have been reading up on AZ carry law. I am puzzled a little bit by the many native American reservations. Does AZ state laws apply to them? Now I know Indian lands are their own nations in themselves and have their own laws too. Some states...
  6. K

    Planning an RV trip

    So I just finished checking Handgunlaw.us and find that Oregon does not honor any other states HCP. I don't have a lockable console/glove box so it has to be in plain view. The only way I can do that is put it on the dash board. Thats not happening. Oregon sucks big time. I will try to avoid...
  7. K

    State Parks

    While researching state parks to go camping in , most specifically Myrtle Beach, I noticed in the rules and regs. part it states no firearms allowed. Now, I understand that S.C. has complete state preemption or is Myrtle Beach 'special'. Lol, I have been there before and it is quite the freak...
  8. K

    Moving to Tennesee

    I am planning on moving to Tenn. by 6/1/13. I have looked online at the requirements to obtain a concealed weapons permit here and am not clear on if my Michigan CPL is enough documentation to convert to a Tennesee permit without taking 'the class' here. I meet all other criteria. I know Tenn...
  9. K

    Rep. Smiley

    Just got back from talking to Charles Smiley about SB59. I went to McD's OC and got a coffee and signed in to chat with him and waited for a couple people ahead of me to finish up with him. I had a great discussion with him and his aids and he stated he could support the bill in principal...
  10. K

    Letter to Maryland tourism board

    Dear board members, My wife and I have been planning two trips this spring that would have taken us through your state. My research has shown that the state of Maryland does not recognize or honor a Michigan concealed pistol licence. As law abiding residents and both CPL holders of Michigan we...
  11. K

    Passing through

    I will be passing through Maryland on my way to the outerbanks. My research shows that Maryland does not recognize a Michigan permit, yet Michigan recognizes a Maryland permit. Whats up with the no reciprocity? I also see that I will have to lock up my pistol while transporting through your...
  12. K

    Opinions on gun sights

    My Taurus PT111 has the factory Heinie sights on it but I find the little white dots get pretty dirty and hard to see. Plus these older eyes are starting to need a little bigger dot to focus on. I would like to know what others have done. I have looked on line at the SURE SIGHT (triangle thing)...
  13. K

    Who needs a recorder?? You do.

    I was listening to Michigan radio today and on "This American Life" with Ira Glass they had the story of Adrian Schoolcraft, a NYPD officer who recorded the day to day goings on in his precinct for 17 months. VERY INTERESTING. If they would do that to one of their own GOD HELP US ALL. Go to...
  14. K

    positive OC experience

    I will start by saying I carry every day, every where I legaly can and today was no exception. Started out with going to work with my buddy, we do HVAC work in some not so good areas of the city, Flint, he is aware of it and is OK with it. He has his CPL too but doesn't carry every day. I know...
  15. K

    how do you do a private sale?

    Please excuse me but I have never had to do this before........how do you do a private sale/purchase? Do I need to get the paperwork from the sheriff... or a dealer? and what do I do with the paperwork? turn it into the sheriff? sorry, but I have no clue on this. I know you guys out there will...
  16. K

    suggestions please.....

    I'm looking for a .22 plinker pistol and the ISSA m22 caught my eye. Anyone familiar with this brand ? The ISSA web site says they have Walther barrels and german engineered and austrian made bla bla.....I have never seen an ISSA pistol at the gun shop. any other suggestions on what a good .22...
  17. K

    comming to Cherokee

    Will be visiting Cherokee and was wondering what the law was concerning the Indian reservation. I presume the casino is a prohibited zone similar to Michigan but I am not sure if the confines of the reservation is also. anyone know? I appreciate it if someone can help me out here.
  18. K

    N.C. firearms laws similar to MICH ?

    I am comming to NC from MICH and was wondering if a pistol in your vehicle is considered concealed if not locked and unloaded in the trunk or otherwise inaccessable? only CPL holders can carry in their vehicle in MICH. I do have my MICH. CPL so it shouldn't be an issue BUT I would still like to...
  19. K

    Genesee county Mich OC'ers

    I am new to the boards, just joined a few days ago. I have been reading the boards for some time and think this is a great movement and would like to become more involved. Does anyone meet up anywhere around the county that I could join in ? I have been CC'ing for 1.5 yrs now but haven't tried...
  20. K

    Genesee county Mich. OC' ers

    hello, I am new to the boards and have been reading them for some time now but joined recently. I CC but haven't OC'd....but I do see the importance of "getting the message out". I was wondering if any Genesee county OC'ers meet up anywhere that I could join you. I would love to meet and discuss...