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    Plymouth Fleet Farm : Handguns for sale

    My brother was in Fleet Farm in Plymouth and asked what they had stacked up in the aisle . Employee told him handguns . Said they were going to start selling a selection of them .
  2. 3

    Waukesha Gun show anyone?

    imported post If you are going today.I hope to see ya there.Should be there around the noon hour. Wish we could carry.
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    Conversation with management at Golden Corral ,Oshkosh

    imported post Went to the Golden Corral in Oshkosh Last night,3/21.After paying for the buffet I started to wonder what the restaurants policy was concerning open carry.I am still not a regular open carrier,to many concerns,but I am getting better. I asked an employee,server,waitress if they...
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    OC Sheboygan and Plymouth

    imported post Was in Sheboygan Friday the 12th.The wife needed some things from Union Oriental Market that we can't get anywhere closer at this time.We stopped and ate breakfast at Perkins.No problems OCing there.Not even sure if anyone noticed. After breakfast went to Plymouth Walmart .Picked...
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    station wagon/firearm

    imported post I have a Taurus station wagon.The question I keep asking myself is.What would be considered a "legal" place to transport firearms in this vehicle?I at this time put my firearms in the very back by the rear door. I understand that it has to be "out of reach".Out of reach of who?All...
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    Milwaukee mayor beat with metal pipe

    imported post Milwaukee mayor Barret beat with a metal pipe after leaving state fair.Bet it would not have happen if he would have had a side arm. Milwaukee NO NEED FOR A GUN ?
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    Ever heard of the sight ,"Legal community against violence"?

    imported post They seem to be anti's,but have a good way to lookup laws.
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    Indoor Shooting range ?

    imported post Where might I find a list of indoor shooting ranges other than milwaukee area?