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  1. XD40coyote

    check this out- OCing werecoyote

    Doing it properly too! Retention holster... and it's a 1911 from a toy gun set LMAO
  2. XD40coyote

    OC on natgeo channel last night- armegeddon preppers

    It was both good and bad. Bad- the guy admitted to using LSD and said he used to not like being around people. I hope Philthy PD doesn't revoke his LTCF over this show. That stupid charactor clause thing...Philthy PD just loves using it for everything they can squeeze. Good- he was helping an...
  3. XD40coyote

    ghost hunting and open carry

    Did anyone catch the Bio channel last night for the new episodes of "My Ghost Story"? Episode 1 features as it's 3rd feature story, a Mr Tom Carr (investigating with a group) an old cloth/fiber mill in Utah. Wow, I'm so good, I can spot holsters in a split second ( serpa?), and then in another...
  4. XD40coyote

    southern York county OC picnic, aug 6, Glen Rock

    For info: http://forum.pafoa.org/general-114/138936-york-county-open-carry-event.html
  5. XD40coyote

    I had 3 LEOs over today

    And they never noticed I was CCing a full sized pistol. These were game cops doing a taxidermy inspection, and one was a young lady. Since I go googoo over OC I was trying to see what they were carrying ( looked like M and P or Taurus 24/7). I should have asked and asked what defensive ammo they...
  6. XD40coyote

    Alaska state troopers show last night I ( natgeo channel)

    I generally enjoy this show, but last night they had 2 gun incidents featured. The first was a traffic stop and the passenger failed to immediatly inform Trooper Badass that he had a loaded gun under his leg. Trooper Badass was REALLY pissed off and was citing the law being that you must inform...
  7. XD40coyote

    old anti rape video-very interesting and sad as well

    "the attacker may grab and use your weapon on you" old mantra- before the Brady Bunchers even came on the scene- in fact the video poster says it was a 1970's film made by the POLICE. It does contain a bunch of really good practical SA stuff though after you wade through the whistles and crap...
  8. XD40coyote

    OC dinner/meet and great- southern York county PA July 31 6pm

    Have this going with PAFOA, but all OCers or OCers at heart are welcome to come. Post a reply or send me a pm if you are coming or may come. Spouses and kids can come too. If I go over my booked # of 45 people, the restaurant needs to know. We will be in a seperate banquet room. WHERE: Southern...
  9. XD40coyote

    York county parks- NCR trail

    imported post I believe it was somewhere about a year ago that someone wrote to the county parks people about their signage and the pre-emption violation on them. TodayI was driving by a section of the trail and the 2 signs ( one on each side of the road) had the "no weapons" part covered over...
  10. XD40coyote

    history of OC in FL?

    imported post I am assuming it was legal up to at least 1987, then the shall-issue came in, there was an 8 month or so period where both were legal with the lisc, then the media made a big deal about some black guy OCing, and they changed it to CC only ( with the fishing/hunting/camping...
  11. XD40coyote


    imported post I spent a good while watching my red speckle australian cattle dog yesterday. He is very loyal to my mother, myself, and my father. My mother andI have embarked on a project down the hill from the house I could call " Project Where-the-f is That Stream?". Over 20 years ago we met...
  12. XD40coyote

    SWAT magazine TV, etc

    imported post Well I was watching Outdoor Channel's "Wednesday Night at the Range" again last night. For those who don't know, it is a bunch of guns and shooting sports shows. There's Best Defense, SWAT Magazine TV, and some other related show. These 3 shows are usually about combat...
  13. XD40coyote

    Alaska State Troopers show on Natgeo

    imported post This was on last night, first episode. Interesting show on Alaska SP, that ends with an officer who patrols by helicoptor over wild areas spotting a plane he thinks may be spotting for moose for hunters, which is illegal. So he waits till the plane lands and goes to see what's up...
  14. XD40coyote

    This is driving me up the wall!

    imported post And some of them are complex stories. But there seems to be 1 of these every day. the last 2 of note: yesterday- I was OCing but wasn't wearing a shirt LOL, yeah I guess its like being naked for me! I have alot of dreams though where I seem to lose my shirt. But now I am OCing...
  15. XD40coyote

    Southern York county- lunch and OC, June 14th Flag day

    imported post Where- Paesanos in New Freedom, right next to the rail trail and about 2 miles north of MD LOL. When- june 14,2:30 pm till? Just putting this out for anyone local to the area who wants to OC with someone else and hang out with ddog. Something small and patriotic for Flag Day...(...
  16. XD40coyote

    OCing at the OK Corral...

    imported post Last week I was flipping channels and came across some show about Tombstone AZ's ghosts, so OF COURSE I started seeing scenes of OCers touring the town LMAO. You know how the anti gunners and anti OCersare always saying " this isn't the wild west, it's not the OK Corral!"... Well...
  17. XD40coyote

    sigh...southern York county OC... and the public

    imported post Thought to post this in this general OC section since it deals with a problem in all OC states. sooo... Well I was at a large PA gun store that has classes etc tonight and getting my FL carry permit application packet and having fingerprinting done, and the instructor was...
  18. XD40coyote

    OCing is...liberating!

    imported post My first time! I attended the PAFOA Gettysburg OC lunch with a PA couple I had met previously, all 3 of us OC'd. I got around the transport law due to the husband having an LTCF to transport for me to the restaurant, and his property having a lil private range on it. We met and...
  19. XD40coyote

    Walmart, Shrewsbury PA, 5pm-ish

    imported post I saw someone OCing! Pretty sure a genuine sighting, and not plainclothes LEO. Unfortunatly I was stuck in a checkout line and the OC guy was walking out the exit pretty quickly. Well good for him, he wouldn't want to be stuck with me hanging off of him like a blue heeler LMAO...
  20. XD40coyote

    condition yellow

    imported post Found this gem and a few other posts in the same threadsaying the same thing at gundebate.com 's forum. So why would someone NOT be alert before getting a ccw or starting to OC? I was always in cond yellow when I lived in Baltimore city, it was a given, why would anyone NOT be...