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  1. Grant Guess

    Rep Mursau says he wants to retire after the next election

  2. Grant Guess

    Grrr...Milwaukee Biz that produces NO-CCW signs.

  3. Grant Guess

    How about a meet/greet and Zombie shoot (for giggles) on 24 Sept...Berlin Cons Club.

    155gr semi-wadcutter at 15yds from shaky rest. Have pumped up the load now by 3/10th grain to test as I was getting some leading with these hard bullets (18 Bhn) and am hoping the increased charge will expand the base more for a better seal. 6.0/Univ Clays will get a test today from a rest.
  4. Grant Guess

    How about a meet/greet and Zombie shoot (for giggles) on 24 Sept...Berlin Cons Club.

    Just as stated. Club memberships would be 5 bucks, 5 bucks to shoot (to cover the target costs) and the remaining $$$ goes to the club junior shooting program. I would get 2 of each of maybe 6-8 different styles of Zombie Target from...
  5. Grant Guess

    Meet/Greet/Practice 8/27/11 Berlin Conservation Club

    How would all feel about a meet & greet as well as a little informal pistol shooting practice? August 27th at the Berlin Conservation Club. All would be required to purchase an annual membership at the whopping cost of FIVE BUCKS :) We would go over range/firearm safety as well as marksmanship...
  6. Grant Guess

    Utah Changes Requirements

    Could not find a thread in the WI forum regarding this. Seems that Utah has now passed a law that requires you to first be a permit holder in your own state before they will issue a Utah permit. If this is widely known here then I apologize and ask the mods to delete...
  7. Grant Guess

    They're on to us...

    Step one of three for registration is RESIDENCY...and they let you register as an out of state resident.
  8. Grant Guess

    A wee bit of history

    Who else was listening live as this all went down? I was so damned PO'd that I almost launched a shoe through my monitor. Chvala eventually got his (he became Bubba's new girlfriend) and watching Dominic slam Risser up at the Wausau hearing was priceless. Hopefully, that old fossil named...
  9. Grant Guess

    City of Wausau Meeting TONIGHT!!

    The timing of this meeting is no doubt to try to make up some anti-carry statements, etc to be announced by the press tomorrow when Gov Walker signs the CCW bill. Any and all 2nd Amendment people should be contacted to be at this hearing because the Anti-CCW and the Anti-Walker people WILL be...
  10. Grant Guess

    Janesville Article

    Once again, the misguided Dems want to give the wolves the upper hand over the sheeple. http://www.gazettextra.com/news/2011/jun/23/locals-working-hammer-out-details-new-gun-rules/
  11. Grant Guess

    CCW Passes the Senate!!

    Suck on THAT senator Risser...
  12. Grant Guess

    Sykes off in his own world again...

    Charlie Sykes had his 3rd CCW rant-fest today and took the time to boost his overinflated ego once again by bashing the NRA liaison (who had not used Charlie's name incidentally). Charlie is a pretty classy guy to specifically name the NRA liaison however. Sykes claims that we should use common...
  13. Grant Guess

    Sykes call-in at 8:30AM Friday

    He's going to go off on his "Permits and Training" rant no doubt. WTMJ has a live internet feed at http://players.jbgmedia.com/WTMJ/player.html IF you get through in the call-in, ask him if he is aware that the voters of WI passed a STATE constitutional right in 1998 that states "The people...
  14. Grant Guess

    Immediate action required...Mon or Tues at latest!!!

    The Republican Party of Wisconsin Platform and Resolution 2011-3 ; Pertaining to the Second Amendment by Annette Olson on Tuesday, May 31, 2011 at 9:32am The Republican Party of Wisconsin Platform and 2nd Amendment Resolution As passed by delegates at the GOP Convention May 21, 2011...
  15. Grant Guess

    WI Assembly - Executive session - AB 126 - 2 June

    This executive session is scheduled THIS THURSDAY at 10am. We need to have made a SUBSTANTIAL impact by that time. Please act quickly. Pass this information on to everyone you can. We have made progress in the Senate. Now we need to let the Assembly hear us loud and clear. Time to Act Fast...