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  1. joejoejoe

    Was thinking about getting RCW 9.41.270 changed. Who's in?

    Hey gang, I haven't been around for awhile due to a heavy school schedule. I have, however, been thinking a lot about the RCW regarding unlawful carry of weapons capable of producing bodily harm. I have written a letter of recommendation to our State Legislators in regards to the issue. I...
  2. joejoejoe

    Standing around with a gun on your hip...

    So recently with this cold weather, I have not been OCing. This is probably why I have not been frequenting the boards as of late. Anyways, I was thinking about OC the other day when I was at Fred Meyer with my wife. She usually uses the restroom there, and I got to thinking: How odd would this...
  3. joejoejoe

    Professional WA Open Carry Logo

    My friend is a professional graphic designer for ICON, so I asked him to throw something together for WA OC. This is what he came up with. I hope you all like it. He hasn't put any color in it, and any feedback would be appreciated. Changes can still be made, too. Joe~
  4. joejoejoe

    Portland Expo gun show

    Going on this weekend. I went today after the Vancouver lunch meet. There is a vendor there by the name of Two Bears Trading Co. The lady there knew absolutely everything about ammunition. She had her physics down and her chemistry. I bought a couple of packs of "Devastator" rounds from her for...
  5. joejoejoe

    OC Lunch in Vancouver tomorrow (Saturday Oct 16th)

    Hey guys, The Patriot and I worked out a time and place tomorrow for the lunch. If anyone is interested in coming, it will be at: Plainsman Restaurant 4506 E Fourth Plain Blvd Vancouver, WA 98661-6141 We are going to meet there at 1pm. It will be a good chance to get out and OC at a restaurant...
  6. joejoejoe

    Question regarding ID

    Since the open carry movement has been getting a lot of media attention lately regarding illegal detentions and arrests, I thought I would ask a question. Does ANYONE have any federal or state law that shows when we are required to identify ourselves? This is all I found, and it seems it is only...
  7. joejoejoe

    23 Reasons to Ban Guns...

    Sooo, I was browsing the internet and found this great article on why we should ban guns. I think he has some good point ;) http://www.fightthebias.com/Resources/gundebate/23_reasons_to_support_gun_contro.htm Joe~
  8. joejoejoe

    Well, the lady who got attacked by acid set it up as a hoax...

    http://www.kgw.com/news/Columbian-Vancouver-acid-attack-a-hoax-103087864.html VANCOUVER, Wash. -- An investigation indicated that the reported acid attack on Bethany Storro was self-inflicted, Vancouver police said Thursday. They called the incident a hoax during a Thursday afternoon press...
  9. joejoejoe

    Media insenting a new Law against firearms because of the recent LEo incident

    http://www.examiner.com/headlines-in-seattle/no-laws-washington-state-to-keep-guns-locked-and-away-from-kids September 15, 2010 - Early Wednesday morning the 3-year-old son of a Clark County Sheriff's deputy accidentally shot himself and died, and the issue has been raised that no law exists...
  10. joejoejoe

    Gun safety classes in Vancouver area?

    My wants to take a gun safety class. Does anyone know of any good (affordable) classes near our area? Joe~
  11. joejoejoe

    Good OC day

    Went out to run some errands today. Went to Office Depot (on Hazel Dell Ave.) for some printer goods. Got up to the register and the gentleman behind the counter kept looking at my hip. Once he rang up all my stuff he says, "are you over 21?" I said "Yeah... why do I need to be 21?" He grabs...
  12. joejoejoe

    Gun statistics: Gun control vs no control

    I was looking online for statistics involving murders with guns. I found the firearms death rate per capita for 2010 on a random site. I was wondering if anyone has anything better for me to view. I found it interesting that the two LEAST gun control states (Alaska and Arizona) are in the top 5...
  13. joejoejoe

    Need some argumentative help

    Instead of copy/pasting all the words, I'll just post a link to my Facebook so you can read the comments. I was wondering if anyone has any stories pertaining to assault and it being deterred by the sight of a gun. Secondly, I was wondering if anyone has any stories of robberies/theft leading to...
  14. joejoejoe

    17 year old killed by officer responding to noise complaint

    Don't know if you saw this yet? Kinda sickening to think you have a threat at your door and walk out with a gun only to realize the bad guy is a cop... and he really does kill you. http://reason.com/blog/2010/09/03/teen-shot-dead-by-police-in-no#commentcontainer Last Sunday night, police in...
  15. joejoejoe

    Question regarding carrying on school grounds

    Say my wife wants to take the dog to the school yard to get them some exercise and it is after school hours (like 9PM at night), can she carry there? It is not on school grounds (i.e. in the buildings or even in the parking lot), it is just the area where they do track and stuff. Joe~
  16. joejoejoe

    And some say Esther Short Park is safe.....

    Anyone see this? I bet OC would have prevented it. http://www.komonews.com/news/local/101934713.html VANCOUVER, Wash. – A bizarre attack sent a Vancouver woman to the hospital on Monday and police said they believe her attacker threw some kind of acid in her face. Bethany Storro had no idea...
  17. joejoejoe

    IMPORTANT: Please Read concerning police encounters

    After reading Josh's story about being ticketed for OCing, I realized a huge flaw in peoples' approach to responding to an officer when stopped. Josh said he was "detained" and not arrested. It is unbelievable they did ANYTHING past talking. You ALL need to learn to protect your rights as...
  18. joejoejoe

    Does your dress/atire change your OC encounters?

    Hey guys, I was just thinking about something. I dress to impress when I am out so my reactions are at minimal when OCing. What do you guys think? Does what you wear change the reactions you get when OCing? Joe~
  19. joejoejoe

    KOIN Channel 6 VIDEO on opencarry.org

    I really wish someone can find a way to safe this video because I do not know how to. This is the BEST interview I have seen for all of them so far. Joe~ http://www.koinlocal6.com/content/mediacenter/default.aspx?videoId=17669@koin.web.entriq.net&navCatId=156
  20. joejoejoe

    Clark County Code revision

    I am happy to say I attended the commission meeting this morning and spoke on the code that restricts possession of firearms in parks. The attorney that was there said that the laws are currently being revised, and he publicly announced that it was in violation to the State preemption law...