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    Got my Georgia Firearms Permit today

    I got my Georgia Firearms permit in the mail today. What a great late birthday present, now I don't feel so bad when I carry in my car, or on my motorcycle going to visit my girlfriend in Florida. It took me less than 30 days to receive it, so Happy Happy Joy Joy.
  2. D

    New guy in southeast GA

    Hello, I have just moved to Kingsland/Saint Marys GA. I am looking for a review on the open carry situation in Camden county and the surrounding area. Thanks for any help, Double_J
  3. D

    Range report

    I just got back home from the range in Pass Christian, Gun Ho. Overall a nice range; clean, knowledgeable employees, decent rental stock, inexpensive for day to day shooters like myself (two levels of membership are available), and they are expanding to have a 100 yard rifle range. I decided...
  4. D

    possible meet up in the Deal's Gap area

    imported post I will be visiting the Deal's Gap Tennessee area, this is just a short hop over to North Carolina, and if possible I would like to meet a few fellow members in the area.
  5. D

    any members in the Deal's Gap area

    imported post I am going to be in the Deal's Gap area during the first week of December. I was wondering if anyone would be willing to be up for a meet up with a member from south Louisiana.
  6. D

    Possible meet up

    imported post I will be in Gulfport this weekend, visiting with family. I would like to see if maybe we can all do an impromptu meet up. If so leave a post here or pm me and we can decide on a time and place, even if it is just for a cup of coffee or lunch. hope to meet some of you guys...
  7. D

    Ashley furniture in Gonzales

    imported post I just got back from Ashley furniture in Marks favorite city, Gonzales. I went in, ordered my furniture, payed and was walking out when the salesperson noticed I was armed. She had no clue that open carry did not require a permit, she also thought it was a good idea in the...
  8. D

    possible meet up

    imported post I would be up for a get together, I know that my location says LA, but I am originally from the MS gulf coast. I can drive to Jackson, although I don't really know the area that well. I also work until 2:00 p.m. every sat. so we would have to take that into account if I were to...
  9. D

    Gun in car law

    imported post I was wondering if we have a "keep your gun in the car" law here in LA. I know that MS has one, and I thought that LA also had one but I can not find it anywhere. If anyone has a copy of it or knows where to find it please let me know. I just started a new job and the company...
  10. D

    Strange situation after work today

    imported post I just left a strange situation today after work today. I will begin by stating that I work for Tandy Leather Factory on Airline highway in Metairie, (not the best part of town). Today my boss, my room-mate and I were leaving the store and had just locked everything up. We were...
  11. D

    First meet up

    imported post I had a great time today, finally being able to put names to faces, and in general being reminded of just how small the world really is. I hope that everyone made it home without any problems or "SWAT" team visits. I hope that we can make this a regular outing for all of us...
  12. D

    Winn-Dixie No Carry Sign

    imported post I noticed a few days ago when I went grocery shopping at my local Winn-Dixie and I noticed that they had the legal sign for MS prohibiting the carrying of a firearm. I promptly left and went around the corner to another store. When I got home I emailed the corp. office. Today I...
  13. D

    "Concealed" Carry to change opinions

    imported post I have thought of a way to get our point across about open carry, and be within the law. The idea is that any weapon in a holster is "concealed" and the permit law only allows "concealed" carry, why don't a few of us with permits get together and start carrying "concealed" on our...