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    dont carry at the racine mall!

    i have carried at the mall on the corner of durand and green bay several times without a problem but on 9/16/2010 i had a run in. i was at the tmobile stand getting a new phone and i noticed a detective {badge and gun on hip} walk by me and he didnt say anything so i thought well allright no...
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    Does anyone OC a 92fs or have an opinion about one?

    does anyone here oc with a 92fs? opinions?
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    Loaded gun in your private vehicle? is it lawfull?

    straight foreward is it lawfull to carry your gun loaded in your car?
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    Moving to virginia soon. what's the laws.

    my wife is active duty military and we are moving to dahgren area. what are the oc and cc laws in virginia?
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    .380 as a defensive caliber?

    opinions? facts?
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    would love a share and compare in racine.

    imported post I'm interested in getting together and meeting other carriers in the area for a share and compare anyone interested? List gun want to bring and when available.
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    dry firing my fnp 9

    imported post Is it going to break if I dry fire my fnp9?
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    Need clarity

    imported post Does anyone have concise info about traveling with a firearm and whether it can be in lunge range encased and unloaded?
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    fn herstal

    imported post anyone have expierience with fn or more specifically the fnp 9??
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    looking for ar-15 and berreta 92fs and 12 ga.

    imported post will pay 500 for a berreta 92fs 800 for an ar-15 and 300 for a good tactical home defense shotgun.
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    glock or beretta 92fs wanted

    imported post i am looking to purchase a 92fs or glock. i amtrying to upgrade from my compact 9mm to a full size handgun. pm me if you have any for sale.
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    kel-tec p11

    imported post i hope i am not violating any of the terms of our website but i see other guns for sale here on the site. i have a kel-tec p11 i am looking to sell but i am also lookinf for a 92fs or a glock that i can upgrade 2. pm me if you are unterested or have a berreta 92fs or glock for...