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    Just moved to Montana

    Hey guys, i just moved to Montana from Washington. I'm a little disappointed by the 6 month residency requirement to obtain an MT concealed weapons permit. I've got a WA permit which is recognized by MT. However, there seems to be some FUD on whether or not it's still recognized once i become...
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    Cowlitz County Sheriff's Office only accepting CPL applications Tuesday-Thursday???

    I got a call today from a buddy who went down to the sheriff's office to apply for a CPL. He was turned away. They said they only do that from Tuesday through Thursday. So right away, i decided to look at the RCW. Here's the first section: Looks like the key word here is completed. Where is...
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    OC and motorcyles

    Aww jeeze.... Now I've gotta post mine. lol.
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    Not exactly progress

    I live right across the street. There's 6 cop cars blocking the exit, and the school is still in lock down. Student arrest after report of gun at Mark Morris
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    Has the CCW been updated at all?

    I got a CCW four years ago. When i got it I was surprised it was just a piece of paper. After four years, it's almost falling apart. Have these been updated yet to be more durable? For example, something similar to a driver's license?
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    First time OC on the motorcycle

    I got this sweet new thigh holster for riding in hot weather. Went for my first ride OC this evening. I didn't have any issues with people. if anything, riding OC was a plus because NOT ONE PERSON TAIL GATED ME! I usually ride too fast to be tail gated, but whenever i try to obey the speed...