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    Anybody home

    I am still check in a couple times a week
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    Bell County Sheriff's Office

    Good work
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    KC3 vs. City of Pikeville at the Ky. Supreme Court

    Anti's being Anti's. They do not like taking no you can not do that for a answer. Keep up the good work
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    NM state Fair/Balloon fiesta/state bans after Bruen decision

    Well the solution is easy put the money up and file your own.
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    Texas federal court: ban on 18-20 year old carrying is unconstitutional

    More and more coming down the pike. But there are judges out there who still refuse to use Bruen as the standard.
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    Candidate for Shasta County Sheriff says he will issue licenses to open carry

    In a perfect world every thing would be so simple.
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    Can we turn the profanity filter off?

    Lets see you have 8 posts and you are trying to change a forum that has been around a long time. Well.
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    New to AZ

    I open carry in AZ a lot when I am down there in the winter. Mostly positive comments. The other I try and use as educational experiences. Plus I get to hand out business cards for my firearms training business.
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    Hawaii AG instructs chiefs of police to broadly grant concealed carry licenses but not open carry. Volokh Conspiracy

    That's nice. But Young is out waiting for the latest ruling. Things can change.
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    Gun Rights Champion Dick Heller Sues D.C. Again, This Time Over Ammo Limits

    Just a start for sure Many firearms laws to fall.
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    Robert Crimo, poster boi for Red Flag Laws ineffectiveness!

    Should also been wearing a covid mask.
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    Great Win at the U.S. Supreme Court for the Second Amendment!

    When the Young vs Hawaii is reviewed and a new decision handed down the how climate of open carry could change.
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    tis been a good and enjoyable run...

    Controversies, discussion among members are what drives a forum. I been attacked, called names ect ect on forums. I just keep going. If one can not take some heat on the internet one should not post. Because the heat is going to come. Right, wrong or other wise.
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    Bruen has changed everything. Licensed Open Carry

    T They have a very tough row ahead of them. It is going to take law suits and the loss of millions of dollars for the anti's to cave in a little bit.
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    Now Legal to Carry in NY

    They can say anything they want. But that doesn't stop some hard nose LEO from arresting you and punishing you by process. I was having a conversation with a couple of Dane county Deputies (Madison Wis) area. When Wis was going through its troubles. They said they arrest any body with a gun...
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    Assorted Memes

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    Now Legal to Carry in NY

    It well take some time for the lower court to rule. Then some new law suits to follow. Expect NY to do every thing they can to obstruct the process and delay as long as possible.