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  1. rickc1962

    qustion about parking lots

    I just moved to Battle Mountain to start a ranch, while I'm paying off the land and getting my ranch started, I needed to work for someone for funding. The company I will be working for contracts with the gold mines, so I understand them saying no firearms in co. vehicles, but in the rules it...
  2. rickc1962

    Food for thought

    This was just e-mailed to me, and I thought I would share it since we are just around the corner from the next election cycle, its a few years oldhttp://email.glennbeck.com/gb40/c2.php?GNBK/64992956/30883/H/N/V/http://www.glennbeck.com/2011/04/04/april-16-2011-glenn-beck-live-on-insider-extreme/...
  3. rickc1962

    Anybody In Lake Havasu?

    It is great reading and posting here on the Az. thread, you people have lots of knowlage & insite, but the qustion is, "I have only brefly crossed paths with two other open carriers", is there any other open carries here in Havasu that would like to get togeather for coffee, breakfest or lunch...
  4. rickc1962

    Self Defense on A Motorcycle

  5. rickc1962

    Happy thanksgiving

    To all my pro gun, pro open carry Arizona friends, I would like to wish you and your families a HAPPY THANKSGIVING!
  6. rickc1962

    Open carry at dmv

    I just got done reading thread from Nv. good stories about legallity of open carry in Nv. DMVs`, sounds like a good idea to me ,I hate dearming every time I go there, we in Az. need to work on geting the ball rolling on this! Any thoughts?
  7. rickc1962

    Constitutional carry

    I live in Az. at the moment, we got Constitutional carry a wile back and it is great, I am from Meeteetse and know Wy. is working on Constitutional carry, can someone tell my the progress made so far, one day I plan to move back.