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  1. hotrod

    Kentucky Department of Transportation

    I was recently contacted about a no gun sign and security refusing to allow the carrying of firearms in the Department of Transportation building in Frankfort. I sent an email to the governors office. I was contacted by the DOT's chief of staff. He did not know that the firearms sign was...
  2. hotrod

    Bellevue Kentucky violation of KRS 65.870

    KC3 has found that Bellevue KY has an ordinance that prohibits weapons on public property during Riverfest. This ordinance has been on the books since 1999. We are currently addressing this issue. If anyone carries at Riverfest this year and has any problems, please let us know. The...
  3. hotrod

    No gun signs in Lebanon Ky parks

    I have been told that there are no gun signs at the city park in Lebanon, Ky. I ask someone to get pictures and he sent them to me. I will be emailing and writing the mayor and the city attorney and find out why. I have been told that people have been removed from the park by police for open...
  4. hotrod

    Always be teaching

    Today I was in an office with 2 attorney's. Yes, I know how dangerous that can be, they were talking about background checks and why in the world people would not want them at gun shows. One of the attorney's thought that any gun bought at a gun show or online did not have a background check...
  5. hotrod

    Florence Kentucky Skate Park

    I was asked by Gutshot last Saturday to attempt to fix the no weapon sign at the skate park in Florence. After a few phone calls and an email I received a phone call that the signage would be removed and the website would be fixed. All no weapons would be removed from any language at the park...
  6. hotrod

    Lexington gun show

    Yesterday I had the pleasure to join KC3 and meet Gutshot. Both were a distinct pleasures. I did these at the Lexington gun show, which happen to be a very good show (except for the comic book wackos) I have had a past with KC3 but I want to help and establish something that will be stronger and...
  7. hotrod

    This Looks Like A Problem for Tampa

    Can the governor suspend Florida carry laws for special occassions? http://www.tampabay.com/news/politics/tampa-may-reach-out-to-gov-rick-scott-for-help-keeping-concealed-guns-away/1225987
  8. hotrod

    Where open carry began or ended!?

    I just arrived in Tombstone AZ. for 4 days of visiting. I don't know if this is the mecca of open carry or its waterloo. I hope to walk around with my Colt SAA showing and no problems. From what I hear, there will be hundreds of cowboys walking around with guns. It is the "Wild West Days"...
  9. hotrod

    Gun Thieves are getting smarter

    If you have seen this before, sorry. It is good information to have. Below is an interesting brief about gang members targeting known or suspected gun owners vehicles in order to later steal the contents of the vehicle (expecting to find weapons). Criminals can easily do the same thing with...
  10. hotrod

    Para Ordanance Warranty

    I own several Para 1911's. I have a Nite Hawg, a full size, and a LTC, which is the 4.25 length barrel. I bought the LTC to open carry. I ran about 50 rounds through the gun and broke it down to clean it. When trying to reinstall the slide, the plunger lever, a small piece attached to the...
  11. hotrod

    Armed Robbery at Gateway Community and Technical College

    A text has said that the Gateway College bookstore was robbed by an armed man. This happened at 10:00 the morning. Suspect is an older white male. Obviously, he missed the big sign that said "Firearms are prohibited". I attend class there in the evenings and am very uncomfortable due to...
  12. hotrod

    It Finally Happened to Me in Ohio

    Yesterday leaving Dayton Ohio and heading home, I was stopped for speeding by a Dayton police officer. He came to the window, I told him I had a CDWL, he asked where my weapon was, I told him the console, he asked for my license and insurance, went back to his unit. When he came back he handed...
  13. hotrod

    Michael Mitchell v University of Kentucky

    "The Kentucky Supreme Court notified KC3's attorneys today that they're going to hear the appeal from Michael Mitchell, the young man who was wrongfully terminated from UK Med Center last year!" www.kc3.com If anyone may know more about the Kentucky Supreme Court picking up this appeal, please...
  14. hotrod

    I need your input

    I am a full time student at a Kentucky College. I'm not your typical student, because I'm almost 3 times the age of the average freshman. I have a public speaking class and I am due to give an informative speech and of course I selected Open Carry. What I would like from everyone, is what do...
  15. hotrod

    Cincinnati Zoo Carry

    Ok Buckeyes, help a Kentucky boy out. I have searched high and low and can not find any provision for carry, whether open or concealed, at the Cincinnati Zoo. I did see where it said that it is part of the Cincinnati Public Schools. Thanks for the help
  16. hotrod

    CDWL Renewal

    imported post Took my renewal to the sheriffs office in Boone County on October 30 and received my new license from the sheriff's dept on November 9. That is much better than the renewal 5 years ago. It took 3 1/2 months and a lot of complaining. I was very happy with the state police and how...
  17. hotrod

    Kentucky Fish and Wildlife New Carry Regulations

    imported post New rules for carrying while hunting in Kentucky. How could Fish and Wildlife stop open carry since it is guaranteed by the Commonwealth constitution August 25, 2009 Contact: Hayley Lynch FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 1-800-858-1549, ext. 4493 Frankfort, KY – The Kentucky...
  18. hotrod

    Home Invasion

    imported post Couple robbed by 2 persons, one with a Police shirt on. A reward has been offered for information leading to the arrest and conviction of persons involved in a home invasion in Dry Ridge on July 23. Police said two men armed with guns entered the home at 15 Ellen Kay Drive...
  19. hotrod

    Thune Bill Killed by Republicans

    imported post Looking at the voting record for the Thune Bill for conceal carry across state lines that have a current conceal carry in place was thwarted by two republicans. Sen. Voinivich from Ohio and Sen. Lugar from Indiana. I know this is for open carry, but I think it is important for us...