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    Any opinions regarding the HK P2000SK

    I am considering purchasing the HK P2000SK (the 9mm version), but I know of no one who has one. Anyone out there have an opinion about this particular weapon. I will mostly carry it as a concealed weapon. All opinions are welcomed....thanks....:question:
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    Videotaping a T-stop and open carrying

    I Just saw a video of a Las Vegas lady videotaping a traffic stop (she was not involved with the t-stop in anyway) in her neighborhood and she was open carrying. The officers contacted her, stopped her from videotaping, but she some how turned on her camera (good job on her part) and was...
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    Who assigns serial numbers to weapons (handguns and rifles)?

    I was talking with some buddies and the discussion (a session of guys showing off their individual knowledge or lack there of) turned to serial numbers on weapons. No one could agree nor could anyone locate a definitive answer, therefore, I am reaching out and asking anyone who knows exactly...