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  1. J

    Interesting article in my local paper about tatoo gun

  2. J

    Comment on Grapeshot words of wisdom. (opencarry of AR right after SandyHook

    We are embroiled in a public relations battle for the hearts and minds of John Q. Public. The idea is not to prove that we can do something of this nature "because we can", especially not now after the recent events in CT...
  3. J

    Facebook (new members)

    Hi to all, I joined the facebook page the other day and was suprised by the activity. If you're new member that hasn't yet joined facebook (Go Me) I would urge you to do so... (I don't know what took me so long to do it). Also if you're new member that hasn't sent me email address or just need...
  4. J

    Email address

    We're trying to form list of emails to contact people and keep members informed what's going on. If you haven't sent me your email please do so at mainecarry@hotmail.com
  5. J

    President Obama will move to "destroy" gun rights !!!!!!

    I'm not a supporter of Mr. Obama but I'm sure we have members on this forum that are. Please respect the office of the President if you care to respond. A top official with the National Rifle Association said Friday that President Obama will move to "destroy" gun rights and "erase" the Second...
  6. J

    We have so much going for us let's not lose our rights

    Hey Maine Open Carrys we're stuggling to gain support MOCA, because we take so much for granted in Maine lets not allow ourselves to be fighting the uphill battle someday like our Brothers and Sister in MD are! They're holding a rally with empty holsters cause that's all the law will allow...
  7. J

    Bowling or pool anyone

    As Steve from local stated "We have had regular meetings in the southeast part of the state near New Orleans since the beginning." I would be willing to meet for bowling or pool at half way point from portland augusta once month through winter months. We could do pizza and talk opencarry...
  8. J

    The preacher carrys

    Yes you read that right. My other half came home after work and I'm watching some show on cable where they're building a custom gun for preacher who's into cowboy action. Well I about just about fell over when my other half who works at Wal Mart Vision Center told me we have a local Preacher...
  9. J

    22 handgun

    I was consider buying a 22 handgun sometime in near future just for practice, as I'm sure you're all aware of ammo isn't cheap. Any suggestions or input on a affordable semi auto for a target gun? I have considered buying a pellet gun to help improve my game but feel thats getting to far away...
  10. J

    To Maine residents who support open carry.

    Do you support opencarry and do you support what the few are trying to do for the many? YES/NO ??? please reply. Thank You, John
  11. J

    I'm embarassed to say I'm not a good shot

    As I've posted here before I'm more of a hunter than a hand gun shooter but I certainly support your gun rights and want to protect mine. I was out firing a muzzle loader today for deer season. I've never shot a deer with one and I'm considering hunting the season with it. Anyhow to the point...
  12. J

    Money where the mouth is

    Shane posted this the other day but recieved no attention. We want to get chapters going in every community, but we need a strong central organization to do that. First thing's first, we HAVE to become a government recognized organiztion, see: 501c(4) not-for-profit. This way we can take in...
  13. J

    Does it concern anyone the people that haven't been active?

    Why do you suppose some people stop posting and coming to events after making such a effort to become involved? Something to consider? Maybe it's a not a issue? It's just something to consider?
  14. J

    Doing my part to hopfully change few minds (letter to the editor)

    I could have filled a page but had to keep it to 1000 words. http://www.kjonline.com/opinion/letters/gun-law-for-acadia-an-infringement-of-right_2010-07-21.html
  15. J

    nranews.com on XM and Siri radio at 9:00 PM

    Cam and Company all news gun related, and some politics, check it out very informative also can listen to at www.nranews.com