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    I'm moving

    I'm moving to Cool Valley. I've haven't checked the ordinances in this area, does anybody know which cities have ordinances against it? I've got a ccw, but I like to OC as often as possible. According to the list, most of the surrounding area's will be legal for me. However, I don't know the...
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    Mod Abuse?

    Just a little FYI. The Moderator locked and closed my forum to discuss the charity being sponsored by the American Diabetes Association. I don't know who the moderator is for this forum, but I would appreciate a PM from them so we can have a little chat. I'd like to get a few more details from...
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    Charity Event- Please help me

    --Moderator Edited-- Not OC or RKBA related. While we applaud efforts to support charities, this is not the place for soliciting funds or support.
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    Today's experience

    So, today I decided to OC at Bass Pro in St. Charles for a bit to blow some time before my dinner with Kellogg. I was in the store looking at camping equipment and pistols for about 15 minutes before I was confronted by a manager. He politely pulled me to the side and informed me that Bass Pro...
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    OC in city/county parks?

    Is OC legal in city/county parks in St. Charles?
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    OC Meet and Greet

    Is there another OC meet and greet scheduled for the St. Charles/St. Louis area? I was planning on attending the last one, but I completely forgot until it was too late. I've been getting into Open Carry a lot the past week or so. I'm waiting for my CCW license to process. I think I'll...
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    OC at Show Me's

    I'm thinking about OCing at the Show Me's on Zumbehl tonight. Is there anything I should be worried about? It's in St. Charles City, so it's legal. I've taken my ccw class, just haven't gotten the license yet.